Rally Videnova and her 10th-grade classmates from First German Language High School were rehearsing hard for the play ‘Phoney Civilization’ in the spring of 2017.
She was a regular visitor in T.R.A.P and that’s why Trotoara Foundation took the initiative to help her with the event.

  • How often do you go to the theatre? Do you have a favourite play?

I often go to the theatre – this is one of my favourite activities. A favourite play I cannot choose, because I go and see a play and I really like it, but then I go to another one and I like it even more and this goes on endlessly! But my favourite place is Ivan Vazov National Theatre.

  •  How long have you been involved in theatre?

When we decided to produce the play ‘Phoney Civilization’ I had actually never done theatre before. It was the first time not only for me but for everyone else and it was a new and very interesting experience.

  •  How did you decide to produce this play and what was your role? 

‘Phoney Civilization’ (1871) is a satirical play that undoubtedly never stops sparking interest and the issues it portrays are valid even today still. My classmate Vilislava Lozanova and I were the directors. First thing we did was to schedule castings between the then 9th and 10th graders. We asked our classmates to recite one monologue and one dialogue. Then we chose the actors and our next task was to find a place for rehearsals.

Here is what she told us about herself and the organization of the play a year later:

  • How did T.R.A.P help with the play?

T.R.A.P team not only provided us with a place for rehearsals but also helped us by encouraging us to believe in ourselves which was the main thing we were lacking. We were worried as we lacked experience but a simple ‘Hey, calm down, you are doing great!’ would encourage us and help us carry on. Also Deyan Yankov (founder of Trotoara) lent us décor for the play set (table, chairs, etc.) which was more than great.

  • Where did the play take place? How many people came to see it?

The play took place in Vlaykova cinema and to our surprise the cinema hall was fully packed and there weren’t enough seats for all the guests!

  • What are your future plans on theatre arts?

At this point I think I will step down from organizing such plays in school and I will focus more on myself. I would like to attend acting school and start learning from scratch, to study different approaches of theatre event organization and devote myself to something I love – the magic of theatre.

  • I sincerely thank you for your time, Rally. May all your future endeavors be successful!

Thank you for the interview invitation and for your wishes. See you soon!

Author: Deyanira Borissova

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