Project’s Idea:

“Workshop For Inspiration” is a project provoked by the Digital storytelling method. This is a way in which a person reveals and presents his own story through a powerful digital content in the form of a short video.

Project’s Goals:

The project’s goal is to create connection and to give opportunity for communication amongst the different participants. To show what unites their ambitions, dreams and, of course, inspiration. Each of the characters will have the opportunity to share his story, to reveal where he draws his inspiration from and to tell others what is he engaged with in his professional and personal life.

Topics For Discussion:

Personal achievements
Sources of inspiration
What effort did each participant put into achieving the results in his life till this moment
What are the participants’ dreams

As well as everything else the participants decide to share with one another – their life experience, their thoughts and ideas about the things they are engaged with. The participants will tell us how they ended up where they are right now and will reveal their personal stories..

Project’s Activities:

The project starts with a two day workshop during which the participants will get to know each other. It will take place in the end of April. The group will consist of maximum 10 people.

The second part of the project is the creation of short videos for each participant by the Digital storytelling method. In these videos the different stories will be presented.

The goal of this activity is for the participants to inspire from one another and to learn more about each other by using modern technology and means of communication.

The publication of the video materials on the web, their promotion and distribution are also important parts of the project. In this way the participants’ stories will reach broader audience that will share their energy, ambitions and dreams.

The audience feedback will be easily received thanks to the presentation of the videos during a small festival after the workshop organized especially for the project.

“Workshop For Inspiration” Project is carried out in cooperation with  Radda Barnen – Save the Children Sweden.


Videos Broadcasts:

Project presentation 11.05.2015 –Pilot

Ilia Lazarov 11.05.2015 –Episode 1

Daniela Todorova 14.05.2015 –Episode 2

Andrey Mihov 18.05.2015 – Episode 3

Dimitrina Foteva 21.05.2015 – Episode 4

Serafim Mitkov 28.05.2015 –Episode 5

Pencho Beykov 03.06.2015 – Episode 6

Boyan Bahrin 13.07.2015 – Episode 7

Mario Georgiev 17.07.2015 – Episode 8

See all episodes in our YouTube channel here.

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