Trap Rap & Dubstep vol.2

 Trap Rap & Dubstep with a new mission

The idea for a second event was born in the end of the first event(Trap Rap & Dubstep for T.R.A.P.), which was made mostly for the purpose of gaining experience but achieved quite a success. Trap Rap & Dubstep vol.2 was held on 30.09 in Mixtape 5 – B side.

As soon as the doors of the club opened, young and enthusiastic people who wanted to have fun, to meet their favourite youtubers and performers, as well as be a part of the cause started coming in. And what was that cause?

Guest of the first event was Danny – a 14-year old boy who wanted to follow his dream and become a vlogger. Danny has leukemia and his family is struggling with covering the medication costs. This story inspires five boys who 4 months later would organize an event and donate all the money they raised for Danny’s treatment. These are Borislav Shukadarov, Danny Vesselinov, Rossen Vassilev, Stephan Markov and Rumen Borissov.

How did it all begin?

In the beginning all they had was a cause and the wish to reach more people. That’s the reason why they made it on a larger scale – with more youtubers and live music. They used their profiles in the social media (Facebook, Youtube) to promote the event, to connect with popular people and to gather a team of volunteers.

The rappers MishMashЖлъч and Gerata performed on the stage of Mixtape 5.  Chris Zahariev, Natt, Rumbata, YotOver, Venom The Doctor, Warkulaka, NoThx, Tsvetoslav Tsonev (Цуро) also joined the event. Sleep deprived, tired – it didn’t matter. Everyone joined and supported the cause.

The doors opened at 5:15 PM. Borislav Shukadarov and Stephan Markov were in charge of the music. Fan meetings with Youtubers at the entrance of the club began at 5:30 PM and continued up until the end of the event at 10 PM.

The raised amount of money was donated to Danny’s family. The second part of the event just ended but it seems like everything is just now beginning!

We are still minors and we cannot afford to organize such big events on our own” Danny (15), Ivonna(14), Boris(16), Violetta (16) and Rumen(16) told us. For the event and their friendship they blame T.R.A.P. and Trotoara foundation who helped them with the organization and encouraged them to set goals and work on achieving those goals. Trap Rap & Dubstep vol.2 for Danny has proven that if you have a big heart, good things may come not only in small packages. “T.R.A.P. unites people. People who have different interests, views and goals come together as one.

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