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Technology leaders in Bulgaria join Trotoara and T.R.A.P on December 9th, to support the positive development of Bulgarian youth. Five of the biggest IT companies in the country will meet with the students from High schools of Sofia – leaders in the field of technology and science. Sofia High School of Mathematics, the National School of Mathematics and Science and everyone who wishes to exchange experience with professionals in the field. Business representatives, in turn, will be available to answer questions about future students’ careers.

Below you can find who you can meet on 09.12 between 12:00 and 18:00 at the Cafe Club of the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

Free entry

And after 18 o’clock you can become part of the charity concert “Adventure begins at T.R.A.P.”

Make a gift to a pupil!

We give you the opportunity to make a wonderful gift to a adolescent who can not afford to attend the concert.

You can learn more here:


HPE – a company with a social focus on education and young people

About the company:
“Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)” are the world leader in the IT industry. They are involved in infrastructure, hardware and software solutions for corporate clients. The company provide the most complete portfolio of IT services on the market.
The company has been in Bulgaria since 1998, and in 2006 they have established one of their largest global centers of strategic importance. They currently employ over 1,000 qualified specialists dealing with technical and non-technical activities.
HPE apply a policy of corporate social responsibility with a focus on education and development of young people in the country.

What to expect on 09.12.?
The company will take part in the event by presenting opportunities for career development to young people and introducing them to new technologies in the world of technology.

Presentation of company activities and internship programs.
Information stand for a personal meeting and discussion with company representatives.
Presentation on “Artificial Intelligence and NASA Technologies”.
Video projections.
Interactive “Treasure hunt” game.
Winning prize draw.
Darts, table football and billiard tournaments.

MENTORMATE – from an idea for a mobile application to a global software company

About the company:
MentorMate is a software company that had started in 2001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It was founded by Bjorn Stansvik, a Swedish citizen. Stansvik moves to America, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities that the country offers for people with ideas. There he started his original project – a mobile application for foreign language learning.
The idea has been growing in the company, which have been also in Bulgaria since 2006 with a team of over 430 people at the moment. Today, MentorMate have offices in all major Bulgarian cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Rousse, and worldwide – in the United States and Sweden.
MentorMate work with clients from all business sectors – healthcare, education, insurance, finance. Larger than this company are AstraZeneca, Cargill, 3M, and NASA.

What to expect on 09.12.?

The world of MentorMate
We’ll introduce you to the company and all the interesting things we do, and our colleague Panayot will tell you about his journey into programming.
How do I become a programmer?
Throughout the day you will be able to find our colleagues in MentorMate’s place to answer all of your IT career related questions.
First photos in amateur photography with Atanas Dyulgerov
Nasko will talk about photography as a hobby and will lay the foundations we need to deal with it.
FiFa tournament
For all fans of the football and Playstation games there will also be a mini-tournament.

SCALE FOCUS – the road to success from NSSM (the National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) to a major role in the cloud transformation of a leading company in the Silicon Valley

About the company:
Scale Focus is a Bulgarian, high-tech Software Company with offices in Sofia, London, Plovdiv, Munich, Zurich and Washington. The company develops flexible business applications, provides innovative engineering software and outsourcing services. Just over 5 years from their inception, the team has reached nearly 400 people – a team built on the basis of personal attitude and sense of belonging to the vision and values of the organization, high morality and striving for quality.
Scale Focus are the winner of a number of national and international awards, winning two extremely valuable awards in 2017: “Best Technology Employer”, awarded by the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and “Best Nearshore Team”, awarded by the Global Sourcing Association.

What to expect on 09.12.?
One of our very talented software engineers in the team, Nikola Yurukov, will share his personal story about the path to success from NPMG (the National High School of Mathematics and Science) to a leading role in the cloud transformation of a leading Silicon Valley company. What obstacles he has gone through, what lessons he has learned, what has brought him to Scale Focus, what inspires him to continue? Nikola will be part of the musical performance by showing his piano skills.

Expect more:

How to share and promote social media posts.
Homemade food and beverages for the event from our colleagues.
Presentations of real projects in the company.

BULWORК – high professionalism and competence, loyalty and honesty are the key to success

About the company:
“Bulwork” are the first Bulgarian recruitment agency specialized in IT and BPO. The company were established in December 2000. They select qualified personnel for various software and hardware companies, contact centres and technical support centres, IT units of leading banking and government institutions. Their services are targeted at both large and small and medium businesses.
They believe that in order for the mission to be fulfilled, it must be adopted by all employees. High professionalism and competence, loyalty and honesty are the key to achieving it, thus Bulwork will always be the right business partner.

What to expect on 09.12.?

Visit the Bulwork booth to get to know the opportunities the company offers. To learn more about the company’s activities and support, follow our news!

60K – we put people first for excellent results

About the company:
The company “60K” were founded in May 2008 with the idea of providing a captivating alternative to the traditional BPO and call center outsourcing partner.
It all started with the first small building – an empty cell that in June 60K fills with 47 km of cables, 450 jobs and all the necessary equipment. Since then, they have grown smoothly in scale and status. We opened our office in Bulgaria in August 2011, where we now have over 800 jobs. Today, the team works in over 22 languages through all communication methods.
For their 9 years of history, the company have won over 40 awards from independent industry organizations. Putting their team and customers first, “60K” have taken the road to global leadership.

What to expect on 09.12.?

The company will make a detailed presentation of their activities and development opportunities at our event “Adventure begins at T.R.A.P.”
And they already helped us with the printing of our posters.

Looking forward to seeing you there:

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