P2019.07 Video production studio


Setup own video shooting studio in TRAP, which will be used for podcasts, gaming streams, interviews and vlogs, with a program for Video Editing Training Course conducting.

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 31.12.2019


Video content is an area of great interest for the teenagers. Teenagers always wanted one single and most important thing in their life – to be seen and heard. There is a huge demand for video editing training, participating in content creations, vlogs and gaming streams. The idea is to focus on three main KPI’s:

  • Learning and training teenagers in video editing
  • Expand Trotoara video channels – Twitch and YouTube and audience increase
  • Provide a marketing platform for corporate sponsorship opportunities


20 vlogs and podcasts aired in Trotoara’s YouTube channel Elements

20 game streams aired in Trotoara’s Twitch channel for one game of each team.

20 teenagers trained free of charge in video editing.

20000 total views of the recorded content.

Participants involved:

30 people aged 12-18 years old acting as organizers, commentators, operators and streamers.

10 people aged 18+ years old acting as managers, mentors and teachers.


Developing video content creation is vital for showing to the work what exactly here in Trotoara we are doing. All activities in TRAP can be recorded, important information about them will be aired, we will increase strongly transparency of our work and build new audience.

The kids who will accomplish the video editing training course will receive skills needed to start own YouTube and Twitch channels, and will continue to support Trotoara channels on a long term.

Video content creation is an attractive channel for corporate sponsorships of Trotoara programs and gives new opportunities of finding sponsors and donors.


The studio will be located in TRAP, with green screen and place for live audience. Teenagers will be the presenters, commentators and leading faces of all content. The live audience will be able to view the streams or different shows on a big screen and participate live in the discussions on the different subjects.

Two channels will be used to air the content – Twitch (for the gaming content) and YouTube (for podcasts, Trotoara news and other content).

For every 1 hour of help in the process, 1 point for TRAP membership card will be given.

Sponsors will be searched for purchasing the needed equipment for the studio, which will be located in TRAP – the heart of the community.


Budget: TRAP rent, bills and organizational expenses

Web camera for the streams

Green screen for the studio

Two headsets for the commentators

Lighting equipment

Audio mixer

Video camera for the main footage in the studio and interviews

3 Rewards for the winner teams

The purchased equipment will be used on a long term basis and will become part of the long term assets of Trotoara Foundation.

The purchased equipment is shared and related to program P2019.03 League of Legends school  tournament.

Volunteer opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are present:

  1. Teachers for managing the learning and training course for Video Editing.
  2. Coordinate and manage the trappers in making the streams and commenting.
  3. Manage subscriptions and schedule together with trappers.
  4. Spread the word – share the event, attract new participants and students.
  5. PR activity and contact with media and other organizations.
  6. Video shooting and editing of the activities for our YouTube channel.
  7. Help us writing the reports, collect photos and information and manage the Facebook event and website materials throughout the whole program. Follow up on the progress with the collected quantities of waste.

Additional information

Trotoara already has began working on the Video Content creation area with maintaining two YouTube channels and a Twitch account. Started in the mid/late 2018 with the idea to develop it more and use it to share news and digital content among the teenagers.

Target audience would be school students, parents, potential sponsors and the society in general.

Biggest challenge in 2018 was the editing of the shooted content, as no matter that many teenagers want to volunteer and help in this field, there is a huge gap in their skills in the area. This is why we decided to focus on this, as it is of a great interest for the today’s youth and is something they want and need.

The training will be free of charge and covered by volunteers and sponsors, and the participants will be chosen by various criteria like how much TRAP points you have, and what is your motivation and background in the area. They will be chosen with an interview and strict selection according to their interests, skills and achievements.

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