P2019.02 – PC and smartphone with cause


Collect old computers, laptops, monitors, peripherals.

Fix or disassemble them.

Assemble working ones.

Donate them to kids in need.

Recycle the rest.

Collect old smartphones.

Those who are working – donate to kids in need.

Separate the batteries and dispose them the right way.

Recycle the rest.

Program start: 1.02.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019


Being a kid in today’s world without a smartphone or own PC is fatal. There are hundreds of kids who do not have the possibility to have one. And there are thousands of people, who have old and working computers, smartphones, parts or peripheria, which can be perfectly good and usable for them. Why let all of this products just sit in a basement, warehouse, your drawer or office, waste space and build dust, instead of donating them for the kids and a good cause?


Provide 100 kids with working computer.

Provide 100 kids with smartphone.

Recycle 500 old computers and parts.

Recycle 100 old smartphones.

Participants involved:

50 people aged 12-18 years old.

20 people aged 18+ years old.

10000 people online reach.


Provide kids with computers and smartphones. Help people clean their basements and drawers. Raise awareness about not using perfectly good equipment.


Involving the TRAP community of teenagers, already more than 200 kids  in size, involving volunteers from the business as mentors and managers, and reaching out to the society via sharing on different networks, our goal is to start collecting, repairing and recycling old PC’s and smartphones.

Every weekend between 11 and 17h will be a PC repair day in TRAP.

During our experience at TRAP fest 2018 – Scrap wars, we were able not only to have fun, but also to provide smartphones and computers to many kids. In just one week we were able to collect more than 100 old machines and parts, with more than 10% of them containing parts in working condition.

In addition to this, we will use the opportunity to involve trappers and kids in the repairing process of the old computers and make them learn more in details about the PC hardware and architecture. Every machine must be evaluated and checked, disassembled, and after that if needed must be assembled a new one.

The program will be managed by volunteers, specialized and with knowledge about hardware and PC architecture, which we plan to attract from different companies and businesses, with the idea to work together with the trappers in promoting the program and achieving its goals.

Repeating Facebook event will be created containing information on the progress and achieved goals. Weekly report will be posted in the event with the amount waste recycled. A photo gallery will be created for reporting the collected waste.

In addition to this, Scrap wars competition will be held on TRAP fest 2019 (just like the one held on TRAP fest 2018), allowing the teenagers to show what they have learned throughout the year.

For motivation there will be prizes for the first 5 trappers worked the most during the project.

For every 1 hour of help in the process, 1 point for TRAP membership card will be given.


Budget: TRAP rent, bills and organizational expenses

Additional resources: 5 rewards for the winners

Volunteer opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are present:

  1. Coordinate and manage the trappers in disassembling and repairing the computers.
  2. Organize storing the working parts in a good manner so they can be used when the time comes,
  3. Spread the word – share the event, attract new participants and students
  4. PR activity and contact with media and other organizations.
  5. Prepare informational and awareness materials and articles about the program.
  6. Video shooting and editing of the activities for our YouTube channel.
  7. Help us with transportation of the materials to the scrapyard (TRAP has a car).
  8. Help us writing the reports, collect photos and information and manage the Facebook event and website materials throughout the whole program. Follow up on the progress with the collected quantities of waste.

Additional information

We already have experience in this program, because we  tested it during TRAP fest 2018. And it was a BLAST! The trappers loved disassembling the computers, assembling and recycling them. This project is an excellent opportunity to make the young people know more about the architecture of the computer and what is inside. This is a safe method to learn, because even if they break something it will not be a problem. We can use this project to make weekly or monthly events, to participate in external activities and to cooperate with different organizations and companies. It is important for the kids also to learn, that a lot of the old electronics can be used if repaired correctly.

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