The movie “On The Curb” is “Trotoara” Foundation’s first project. With it we want to create a bond between generations, to show the viewers what and how is happening on the musical stage. How it develops, what it gives to youngsters and what awaits people who have decided to engage with music. We want to show how emotion and passion, inspiration and the desire to create can help young people to grow up better.


The main goal is revealing the power of the musical art and the dedication of all who are ready to engage with it. The connection between artists and fans. To show that music is something that inspires, that helps people achieve success in their personal and professional lives regardless of the professional field. How music makes people better, gives them self-confidence and can even sometimes become a profession. The movie’s mission is to inspire young people, to show them that there is a way for their dreams to become a reality, to show them that with work and willingness they can achieve a lot in music and hence in real life.

How Goals Will Be Achieved

There will be a parallel made between the different generations of musicians (their way of thinking, their experience and vision in the music field). The strive to promote, the drive of the youngsters and the experience of realized performers. The movie will show the path different musicians have walked on, it’s beginning and the success already achieved.
We will follow the progress of bands – performers. The relation between less popular and famous bands made through their common or different interests. Their visual performance (on a stage and in a rehearsal room). Interviews with band members the questions for which will arise from themselves.

Project Participants

Beginner musicians
More popular musicians with experience
Musicians famous in the society
People, related to the musical business (producers, managers, critics, journalists in musical media, music club owners, etc.)
People related to music (artists’ friends, relatives and supporters of their work)


Footage with bands’ members who speak of themselves, their art and everything related to it. Live and studio performances will be used as backing footage. Famous artists’ opinions and interviews of people tightly related to the development of the music field. This storyline will be best understood by the youngsters because it is created in a way that resemblance best the “language”of the young. The availability of the ready cinema product will make the distribution easier and will allow it to reach a wider audience. The storyline, in which artists with no experience are presented, is the easiest way to reach the viewer-fan. In this way there will arise an opportunity for the young fan to feel as a part of the whole artistic success of the performer and to understand that art may be available to him as well.

Preparation Team, Filming And Implementation Of The Movie

Author / Screenwriter
Operators (main and secondary)
Sound engineer
Music editor
Logistic / organizer
Cameraman / Reporter
Video editor

Method Of Project Implementation

When the screenwriter is ready with the storyline, the parameters and possibilities of shooting are to be discussed with the producer. The next step is for the screenwriter and director to clarify the movie footage. The project is prepared by the team organizer who contacts the participants chosen by the editor or the screenwriter. After clarification of the locations, the technical team shoots the participants “on the field”. Additional shots of the musician or the band given are to be made, if necessary. After the end of the shooting process, the raw material is given to the music, video and project editors who describe, montage and compile the material to a finished product ready for broadcast.
The first band that has no experience will be shot in a rehearsal room where their rehearsal will take place. The second band will be shot in their own rehearsal room. The famous artists will be shot in different locations appropriate for their presentation (well-known places such as “Popa”, “Kravai”, etc., their studios or offices).

Resources Needed

The equipment needed for shooting such a kind of movie production are
Two or three cameras
Sound/recording equipment/including microphones type “brooch”, portable microphones
(wireless), standing microphones type “boom”
Computers for montage
Studio for video and audio processing


The shooting time is two to three weeks
The montage time is 10 days
There is also time planned for advertisement and preparation for broadcast


Project partners are needed
Promotion of the project – the media and other print and online publications
Logistic support
Experienced and famous artists
Sound and video equipment representatives


With their help we will have a broader contact network to reach artists, producers, etc., availability to borrow audio and video equipment, mutual advertising, additional help for shooting the movie, to promote it in the various social media networks through relevant advertising methods and applications so the movie can reach a maximum number of people.

Criteria For Goals Achievment

Number of views on the web
Number of broadcasts on television
Number of screenings in cinemas
Number of bands and musicians shown


The whole project will be implemented with funds from the “Trotoara” Foundation, voluntary help from the partners and personal involvement of the Foundation’s members.

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