T.R.A.P was able to create a space full of music, laughter and young, wild and beautiful people again. On the 24th of March in the depths of the center of our favorite capital, the non-unfamiliar Mixtape 5, we expressed our honor, gratitude and care for the mother Earth together.

There, with the never-dying rock music in the background, we remembered what our planet actually gives us and what ways we have to protect it (or how to really limit our destructive activities). We turned off the lights at the selected hour and we enjoyed the darkness awaiting more live music.

At the stage we got The Cocoons to warm up the scene, followed by Neon Mosquito. Leever totally rocked. The boys played great, they charged the public and made us go wild. Balkandji, carrying the Bulgarian spirit, made us smile with the good fresh energy of their songs. The Lefties… left us speechless.

The music was captivating for the soul and body at no doubt and after every song the young people from Shumen being so natural and genuine made us laugh from the bottom of our hearths. This is what happens when the scene becomes second home – you are fully immersed by it, your heart is bursting with happiness and you give yourself up to the people in front of it, who eagerly absorb every note, every tone, each beat.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Bulgarian underground music. True. Inspiring. Hard to reach. Non-limiting. Free. Beautiful. Different. Thirsty. Thirsty for development, for future.

That is why the money collected from the concert would be used for the renovation of Trotoara foundation, which aims to develop all sorts of art, which in turn are being left behind in this ever-changing world.

We thank the Earth, the musicians, the public, the club, everyone who helped for the concert’s happening and to T.R.A.P… for gathering us to have fun together!

More information and photos from the event you can find here.

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