P2019.08 Sports, tourism and outdoor


Participate and organize outdoor activities for kids, sport events and tourism.

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 1.10.2019


In today’s digital world the young people spend less and less time out. Sports, tourism, fresh air and protecting the nature and the ecology – these are values which we believe are of a great importance for all young people, which once acquired rest for life.


3000 hours of teeangers outdoor activities.


Tourism and sports provide the young souls with a special type of inspiration, train their spirits and bodies and involve them in groups of doing all this together. Indoor activities should always be covered by the same amount of outdoor fun and motion.

Involving teenagers as acting and management force in organizing these activities, involve the community and the business, reach out to the society and media, learn new skills and build experience.


We plan the following outdoor activities in 2019:

  • Participate in two outdoor festivals – Moga Fest (August) and Maglij Rock Fest (September)
  • Participate in miscellaneous tourism events together with Sofia Mountaineers Club
  • Participate in monthly activities with the Bulgaria’s National Scouts organization
  • Organize a TRAP fest Open Air festival in July (please check program P2019.06 TRAP festivals)

For every 1 hour spent outdoor and committed 1 point for TRAP membership card will be given.


Budget: TRAP rent, bills and organizational expenses

Transportation and travel costs and other expenses

Volunteer opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are present:

  1. Organize different outdoor activities and workshops, plays, part of the corresponding program.
  2. Spread the word – share the activities, attract new participants and students
  3. PR activity and contact with media and other organizations.
  4. Manage tasks, volunteers and opportunities.
  5. Help us writing the reports, collect photos and information and manage the Facebook event and website materials throughout the whole program.

Additional information

Trotoara has already participated in Moga Fest in years 2017 and 2018 and plans to continue the cooperation with this great festival also in 2019. We participated in Maglij Rock Fest in 2017 and also plan to continue working with them. In 2018 we built strong relations with Sofia Mountaineers Club and Bulgaria’s National Scouts organization and the plan is to work closely together with them to provide the teenagers with new amazing opportunities for outdoor fun and action. The photo contest (Program P2019.04 Photo contest) is also an added value – the subject is Street Action and is focused on outdoor sports and motion too.

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