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3 festivals for 2019 planned. Earth Hour Special (30.03.2019 at Terminal 1 club), an open air festival under the name of TRAP fest Open Air, planned in July, and the biggest of our events – TRAP fest – The Adventure 3, two days festival planned in December (possibly on 14 and 15th of December).

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 27.12.2019


The objective of the initiative is to involve the youth’s energy and power for developing and achieving important skills, connected to the management, participation and organization of the events as in each program and activity for the realization of the festival key figures are the students. All of the events are organized by teenagers under the mentorship of Trotoara. Acting as volunteers, managers, participants, DJ’s and other the kids learn valuable skills like keeping deadlines, working in teams and many other.

Additionally the festivals are one of the very important methods for Trotoara to attract sponsors and funding. Most of them are with paid tickets (of course free of charge for all TRAP membership card holders), and we are looking for big corporations and sponsors to support our activity in general.

And finally – this gathers the whole Trotoara and TRAP community together – to work, volunteer, participate in inspiring activities and have fun together. And to show it to the world!


3000 people attendance for the three festivals all together.

3000 hours volunteer teenager service.

500 hours external partners volunteer service.

200 000 people online reach.


The impact of these festivals is covering absolutely all directions and areas in which Trotoara works. Involving teenagers as acting and management force, involve the community and the business, reach out to the society and media, learn new skills and build organizational experience. The festivals are the motor of our operations and a key component of our work.


A main partner in this program is I CAN TOO Foundation – an international charity organization dedicated to supporting children with special needs. We have shared many activities together, and their values covers completely with the values of Trotoara. Involving teenagers to help kids with disabilities and to understand about their problems is of high importance in any days society.

The festivals are organized with the support of business and corporate partners. In exchange for volunteering opportunities for their employees and marketing of their brand, we offer sponsorship packages needed to cover the expenses and budgets.

In addition to this, there are many other partners of Trotoara, with which we have worked or hope to work – and endless possibilities for teenage volunteer service and partnerships.

For every 1 hour volunteer service committed 1 point for TRAP membership card will be given.


Budget: TRAP rent, bills and organizational expenses

Budgets for the events:

TRAP fest Earth Hour

TRAP fest Open Air

TRAP fest The Adventure

Volunteer opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are present:

  1. Spread the word – share the event, attract new participants and students
  2. PR activity and contact with media and other organizations.
  3. Manage tasks, volunteers and opportunities.
  4. Help us writing the reports, collect photos and information and manage the Facebook event and website materials throughout the whole program.
  5. Organize different festival workshops, activities and plays, part of the corresponding program.

Additional information

Trotoara has already built up more than two years of experience in organizing festivals and their program. Here are some facts for year 2018:

TRAP fest Earth Hour

Нumber of events held: 2 (2017, 2018)

Average attendance: 500 people

Location: music clubs on Sofia

Activities: bands concerts, awareness raising

TRAP fest Open Air

Нumber of events held: 1 (2017)

Average attendance: 800 people

Location: open air clubs, parks, city space

Activities: bands concerts, sports, art workshops, music workshops, recycling and eco activities

TRAP fest – The Adventure

Нumber of events held: 2 (2017, 2018)

Average attendance: 1200 people

Location: event halls with at least 2000 m2 area

Activities: bands concerts, art workshops, music workshops, tech workshops, robotics, presentations, studies, gaming, board games, dances, DJ’s, corporate presentations and career opportunities, recycling and eco activities

The three types of festivals are Trotoar Foundation’s trade mark and are held every year, building up experience and popularity.

This is data from Facebook event for the Trap Fest – The adventure, held in 2018 in two days:

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