P2019.00 Programs general information

2019 will be filled with new and more structured activities in Trotoara and TRAP. While working on the reconstruction works of the TRAP halls (music rehearsal room, sound recording studio, dance and arts hall and recycling workshop) we will focus the youth power and energy in building our community, learn new skills, have fun and attract more and more partners.

Our focus will be in creating and developing – content, initiatives, events, connections.

Focusing on creativity and personal empowerment, our pedagogical approach will help raise a new generation with the ambition to set challenging goals in life. It will raise individuals who work to better the society and are willing to share their knowledge with others. By helping children obtain new abilities and knowledge, complementary to what is taught at school, we foster self-esteem and a belief in one’s own abilities. For a teenager, having a favourite creative activity means less time spent doing bad things such as drugs, alcohol and aggression. This resides the risk of depression and substance abuse and helps create individuals who live life, following their own values. The above are just some of the benefits of the amazing L3 method, pioneered in Sweden, which helps children discover and value their unique selves.

List of programs

P2019.01 Recycling

Collect, separate and recycle plastic, metal, glass, clothes, paper.

Program start: 1.02.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-01-recycling/

P2019.02 PC and smartphone with cause

Collect old computers, laptops, monitors, peripherals. Fix or disassemble them. Assemble working ones. Donate them to kids in need. Recycle the rest.

Collect old smartphones. Those who are working – donate to kids in need. Separate the batteries and dispose them the right way. Recycle the rest.

Program start: 1.02.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-02-pc-and-smartphone-with-cause/

P2019.03 TRAP of Legends

Organize a tournament 5v5 for teams of League of Legends video game for school students on international level. The finals should take place on TRAP fest 2019 in December.

Program start: 1.04.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-03-trap-of-legends/

P2019.04 Photo contest

Photo contest for teenagers. The theme is Street action, and is open for participants 18 years old or less. Another condition is the photos to be taken with a cellphone, smartphone or a tablet – cameras are not allowed.

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-04-photo-contest/

P2019.05 Volunteers in action

Include trappers and teenagers to participate in volunteer actions. Cleaning backyards, supporting other charities, planting trees and doing good for the community.

Program start: 1.02.2019

Program end: 31.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-05-volunteers-in-action/

P2019.06 TRAP festivals

3 festivals for 2019 planned. Earth Hour Special (30.03.2019 at Terminal 1 club), an open air festival under the name of TRAP fest Open Air, planned in July, and the biggest of our events – TRAP fest – The Adventure 3, two days festival planned in December (possibly on 14 and 15th of December).

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 27.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-06-trap-festivals/

P2019.07 Video production studio

Setup own video shooting studio in TRAP, which will be used for podcasts, gaming streams, interviews and vlogs, with a program for Video Editing Training Course conducting.

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 31.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-07-video-production-studio/

P2019.08 Sports, tourism and outdoor

Participate and organize outdoor activities for kids, sport events and tourism.

Program start: 1.03.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019

More information: https://trotoara.com/p2019-08-sports-tourism-and-outdoor/

Additional information

Check out Trotoara Annual Report of Activities for 2018 on this link (8MB PDF file):

Report in Bulgarian: https://trotoara.com/TrotoaraAnnualReport2018BG.pdf

Report in English: https://trotoara.com/TrotoaraAnnualReport2018EN.pdf

Main partners

I CAN  TOO, Sofia Mountaineers Club, Bulgaria’s national Scouts Organization, MOGA FEST, Maglij Rock Fest, Ardes.bg, Pro-technica, HPE, Experian, VMWare, Ubisoft, Obecto, MusalaSoft, UltraPlay, SMG, NPMG, NGDEK, Exemplar Gaming, TimeHeroes, NPMG Alumni Club, Goloka

Contact us

Deyan Plamenov Yankov

Director @ Trotoara Foundation

Email: d.yankov@trotoara.com

Cell: +359899396466

Website: https://trotoara.com

Facebook page: facebook.com/trotoaracom

Facebook group T.R.A.P.: facebook.com/groups/1696477087046597

Instagram: instagram.com/trap.trotoara

YouTube channel Elements: youtube.com/c/elements-trap

YouTube channel Trotoara: youtube.com/c/trotoara

Twitch: twitch.tv/trotoara

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