P2019.01 – Recycling


Collect, separate and recycle plastic, metal, glass, clothes, paper.

Program start: 1.02.2019

Program end: 1.12.2019


Because the planet is sick. Because we are the reason. Because we are the cure.


Recycle the following materials:

  1. 500 kg of plastic
  2. 2000 kg steel
  3. 500 kg aluminium
  4. 500 kg of glass.
  5. 500 kg clothes
  6. 2000 kg paper

Participants involved:

200 people aged 12-18 years old.

20 people aged 18+ years old.

10000 people online reach.


Decrease of city waste with 6000 kg in total.

Raise awareness about waste problems and recycling benefits.

Provide clothes for the participants and other beneficiaries.


Involving the TRAP community of teenagers, already more than 200 kids  in size, involving volunteers from the business as mentors and managers, and reaching out to the society via sharing on different networks, our goal is to start collecting and recycling waste materials.

The scrap will be collected in TRAP. Once a week (or more frequent if needed) we will be heading out to the scrapyard and sell the collected materials with the goal of fundraising for TRAP youth center operations.

The program will be managed by volunteers from different companies and businesses, with the idea to work together with the trappers in promoting the program and achieving its goals.

Repeating Facebook event will be created containing information on the progress and achieved goals. Weekly report will be posted in the event with the amount waste recycled. A photo gallery will be created for reporting the collected waste.

An exhibition and presentation of the results will be held on TRAP fest 2019 in December.

For motivation there will be prizes for the first 3 trappers collected the most of the waste in each of the materials category.

For every 10 kg of waste material 1 point for TRAP membership card will be given.


Budget: TRAP rent, bills and organizational expenses

Additional resources: 18 rewards for the winners

Volunteer opportunities

The following volunteer opportunities are present:

  1. Spread the word – share the event, attract new participants and students
  2. PR activity and contact with media and other organizations.
  3. Prepare informational and awareness materials and articles about the program.
  4. Video shooting and editing of the activities for our YouTube channel.
  5. Help us with transportation of the materials to the scrapyard (TRAP has a car).
  6. Coordinate and manage the trappers in separating the materials to the different categories.
  7. Organize storing of the waste in a good manner in TRAP before its transportation to the scrapyard.
  8. Help us writing the reports, collect photos and information and manage the Facebook event and website materials throughout the whole program. Follow up on the progress with the collected quantities of waste.
  9. Organize workshops for creating things of recycled and waste materials.

Additional information

This project is an excellent opportunity to make the young people know about the waste problem all over the globe. We can use this project to make weekly or monthly events, to participate in external activities and to cooperate with different organizations and companies. Involving young people on the waste and recycling problem is one of the most important things in today’s world. And the knowledge and the satisfaction they will receive in doing this good activity, will motivate them to continue this program in the next years of their lives.

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