“Trotoara” is heading to the heart of Bulgaria

The southern hillsides of Stara Planina will transform into a rock scene under the sounds of the music festival “We Are Going to Maglizh” on the 8th and the 9th of September 2017. 15 km away from the city of Kazanlak, at the heart of the Balkan, “Trotoara” foundation will be organizing a scouting event for kids and teenagers.

Partnering with the music festival “We Are Going to Maglizh”, Cedar foundation and the University Accident Rescue Team (UART / UASO in Bulgarian), the team of “Trotoara” foundation will introduce a one-day mountain training.

In the Saturday morning (09.09) the group will head to the training spot from the festival meadow, which is around 15 min. walk away from the center of the city of Maglizh.

Between 10:30 AM and 4:00 PM the young scouts will have the opportunity to spend a day in the mountain and to gain valuable knowledge, which will train them to be prepared for different situations in the mountain.

The training will provide them with practical skills useful out in the open and will start with a few games and fun activities, which will be coordinated by the Trotoara and Cedar teams.

Cedar foundation is an organization which works in the social sector, with children deprived of parental care. Kids and teens from the family-type home in the region of Kazanlak, managed by Cedar foundation, will form a group of participants for the training.

Around 15 enthusiastic kids and teens will be taken through the most important steps for a safety trip in the wild nature, teaching them also how to protect the environment.

The participants are between 12 and 18 years old and will learn more about proper behavior in the mountains. They will also be introduced to the techniques of the mountain orientation and finding the right directions while trekking through the mountains. They will also learn how to work with a map and a compass.

The professionals from UASO will give them valuable advices on what they should and shouldn’t do to survive in risky situations in the mountain. The young people will get a know-how on safely starting a fire in the woods and preparing food on a place without water and electricity.

After lunch they will have the opportunity to make their own camp and set up a tent.

The aim of this day, spent in the wild nature, is that the young people could have a chance to learn how to discover and protect it and also to find a new way to have fun away from the comfort of the city and the technologies.
What they learn during the day will help them be prepared for some risky situations. That’s also the main mission of UASO, which work closely with the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth and is the mission of the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Accidents without victims” is the motto which the members of UASO follow. And initiatives as this one on Saturday, help also the society to stay prepared and have an adequate reaction in case of accidents, natural disasters and catastrophes.

All Bulgarian young people will have the chance to feel the “freedom” in a slightly different form (this is the “We Are Going to Maglizh” motto) on the music festival, which feels as a natural background there, and it’s held for the fifth time.

The night will go on with the best of the Bulgarian indie rock-scene. During the two festival days the fans of the harder sound will have the opportunity to hear 11 bands in total. Together with the well known names, young and upcoming bands will present their music to the audience – a tradition for the festival.

“We Are Going to Maglizh” is tailored for the wide rock audience and aim to support and develop the Bulgarian indie music. The festival is held in the area of Ravnya, which is a kilometer away from the city of Maglizh. Trotoara foundation supports the organizers of the festival.

Author: Liliya Yovcheva

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