The adventure begins in T.R.A.P. – a charity festival and a concert 9/12, UACEG

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Mathematicians and artists on the same stage. Students and professionals. The world of technology meets the world of art. For the first time in history, the Sofia High School of Mathematics and the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences have been united to support a noble initiative – the development of the community arts and inspiration centre T.R.A.P. (Trotoara Room for Angry People). Along with the help and experience of Foundation “Trotoara” they stand for the organization of the charity concert “The Adventure Begins in T.R.A.P.”

T.R.A.P. needs reconstruction! Help us to transform it into a great place for the young people in Sofia!

Time and place:

On 9.12.2017 (Saturday), 12:00 – 21:00 – at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.
Aula “Maxima” – UACEG, “Djambore” Club, the space in front of the aula.

The festival is accomplished with the participation of companies in the IT Business sector and pupils will have the opportunity to exchange information with their representatives. Pupils, companies and the partner organisations of Trotoara will prepare many surprises, workshops and useful presentations for all attendees. And during the concert part the talents from different high schools in Sofia will be on stage together with performers from Voice of Bulgaria, So Called Crew and Roof Rhymez Studio.

Make a gift to a pupil!

We give you the opportunity to make a wonderful gift to a adolescent who can not afford to attend the concert.

You can learn more here



So called crew, Roof Rhymez Studio, Voice of Bulgaria
Young talents from Sofia High School of Mathematics, National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and other high schools in Sofia

SoCalledCrew joins a charity event to support the event!

Our friends at Roof Rhymez Studio support our initiatives for the second time! Thank you!

The Voice of Bulgaria in support of T.R.A.P.!

And the big news – The stars of the Voice of Bulgaria will sing for T.R.A.P. – special performances in the program!


12:00 – 18:00: Festival part, Djambore Club UACEG

The mini-festival will start at noon. The largest IT companies in the capital will present the development opportunities they offer to young people. Young people and guests will be able to talk about careers in the field of information technology. In addition, screenings and discussions about Artificial Intelligence, new technologies and interesting scientific achievements will be provided.

Our partner organizations will also help with the preparation of computer games and gaming workshops (including many games!), vlogging, graffiti, dance, photography and more.

All this is for free, as well as darts, table games and billiards. Free homemade food and beverages are an additional bonus!

18:00 – 21:00: Concert Program, Aula “Maxima” UACEG

At 18 o’clock after games, entertainment and new knowledge, we move to the concert. Young talents and groups from different high schools in Sofia will share the stage with professional performers from contemporary Bulgarian music.



How club Elements looks like - the first ready part of T.R.A.P. – entirely built with volunteers and donations!

Due to the enormous interest, at the moment Sofia High School of Mathematics and the National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are holding auditions for the best performers. On 9.12 selections of vocal performers, music groups and other talents will come out on the stage. And we will soon be able to share more information about them. Confirmed performers are the vocal choir of NGDEK – “Elitsa”, “Celtic Fenix” Irish Dance Club, Ballet “Veda Junior” and a show by freerunners, bikers, skaters and breakers.

More about the performers:

SoCalledCrew is a Bulgarian hip-hop formation assembled in 2011.
Its members are currently Evgeni, Zhlach, Bate Dowen & Trasher.
Their tracks are inspired by the serious and ridiculous things, often by “what annoys us”.


Roof Rhymez Studio is a sound recording studio created by DarkSide (MC), Sr. Martini (MC) and IMP (MC, Beatmaker, Music video director). The band also includes DJ Fresh KIT (Turntable) and Borislav Bozhkov (guitar).
Roof Rhymez is an organization that does not put people with talent in brackets or frames. This is an idea that it is dividing into all spheres and subcultures with one thought:
“Creating and creating, coding virtues in our products, not so much business models!”


With the participation of rising stars on the Bulgarian stage – performers from the fourth season of the “Voice of Bulgaria”. The winner of the 2017th Radko Petkov, Simona Zagorova and Kristian Grancharov will present their new songs.

More about the “Adventure begins in TRAP”https://www.facebook.com/events/133615170692735/
More about the fundraising campaignhttps://www.generosity.com/celebration-fundraising/t-r-a-p/

What is T.R.A.P.?

T.R.A.P. (Trotoara Room for Angry People) is a youth center under construction where students and young people from Sofia will be able to engage in creative activities, communicate and discover themselves and the world around them for free.

Four halls for music, dance, drawing, theatre and other arts, audio and video processing. Workshop for creativity and bicycles. Club for extreme, mountain and street sports. Environmental protection and environmentally friendly way of life.

Inspired by Sweden and Save the Children, we from Trotoara Foundation, together with young people in Sofia and with the support of Business, decided to create this place. A place where work, creativity and inspiration shift depression, alcohol, drugs and aggression. A place where values are being established.

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