TRAP Rap & Dubstep for TRAP

TRAP Rap & Dubstep for TRAP / 20.05 Mixtape 5 / B-side

TRAP and Borislav Shukadarov are organizing what is probably the first ever Sofia event with dubstep, trap & rap while also having cosplay, youtubers and a charity cause :)! Borislav has had the idea of an electronic music concert for quite some time, but lacked resources. Trotoara Foundation and TRAP made his dream a reality. TRAP – Trotoara Room for Angry People supports young people express themselves, participate in workshops, and learn new things.

TRAP Rap & Dubstep for TRAP will take place at “Mixtape 5” club on 20th May from 18:00 to 22:00 h. Doors open at 17:30. The event will be lots of fun for a good cause:

EVERYONE, who brings 1kg plastic bottle caps will be given FREE ENTRANCE!
ENTRANCE: 4 lv for under or 18 years old and 8 lv for over 18 years old.

There’ll be a cosplay contest with NINJA theme. The best ninja themed costume gets a prize!

You’ll get to meet many youtubers like Stefan (MR.ZIGGY), Rumen (RumbataBgGaming), Boby (Bobsun), Boris (Yotover) for an authograph, pic, and to just have a chat.

StefanMarkov aka MR.ZIGGY is 16 years old and plays and streams on Fortnite. You can meet him and the other youtubers from 17:30 to 18:10.

Rumen Borisov ака (RumbataBgGaming) is 16 years old and one of the most popular gamers. He sometimes streams on PUGS and Fortnite, uploads top 5 series, reads hate comments, and explores abandoned buildings with friends.

Boris Yotov (YotOver) is also 16 and streams on Fortnite, makes Tech reviews, unboxing computer periphery, gameplay on Cash Royale and many others.

About the foundation

Trotoara Foundation is an independent NGO organization, officially registered in the Bulgarian court, targeting the young people. Our goal is to create suitable environment for creativity and expression for the young people, and encourage them to build and develop their own cultural, spiritual, intellectual and national values, to improve their skills and acquire new. We want to support them to be active, to learn and share, to support them in their personal and professional growth and being valuable members of the Bulgarian and world society. For that purpose we created T.R.A.P – an unique place in Sofia, where positive development takes place. It is a home to communication, inspiration and art creativity. One of our main ideas is this place to host free rehearsals, meetings, workshop and other events for youngsters without any sex, ethnicity or social status discrimination.

You could find more information about the event HERE

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