Together for T.R.A.P.

Since its beginning, the Trotoara Foundation has been working successfully with many other organizations. Many of the projects are a result of mutual efforts. United for the building of T.R.A.P., our partner organizations will join in the “Adventure” on 9.12 with a variety of activities.

For more information in the coming days and on our Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/133615170692735/

Make a gift to a pupil!

We give you the opportunity to make a wonderful gift to a adolescent who can not afford to attend the concert.

You can learn more here


VISIONARY and SAT Gallery – the modern art in the city

Modern art in the city will be presented at the event through VISIONARY and SAT Gallery teams. VISIONARY is the organizer of contemporary visual projects in urban environment, and SAT Gallery is a platform for professional presentation of graffiti artists. The establishment of VISIONARY and SAT Gallery are set up on the desire for a sustainable network of organizations to develop street art culture in Bulgaria. Through strong collaboration with artists and other partners, the Foundation and the Gallery strive for the successful promotion of frescoes’ art and the dignified positioning of artists. Their main mission is to develop visual art in urban environment and to present it on a par with contemporary and modern art. On 9 December, the Foundation and Gallery teams will present their projects and meet you for an informal chat about their activities and future ideas. You will also see a graffiti demonstration by two artists who will show different techniques and styles of painting. And for all young people who are keen to meet with graffiti and urban art, there will be open volunteer lists in the coming 2018.

You can find them at their presentation booth between 12:00 PM and 18:00 PM and you can witness a graffiti demonstration between 13:00 PM and 14:00 PM.


SAT Gallery

Celtic Phoenix – flying drawing legs

Irish Celtic Dance Club “Celtic Phoenix” is based on the love of dance and fun.  There you can learn the traditional Irish dance styles “Reel” and “Jig”, and participate in stage performances with original dance show. Club members have shared their experience on national and global scenes, competitions and TV shows. Over the years, all the dancers have participated in professional workshops run by like Sean Gavan – founder of the World Association of Irish Dance (WIDA) and a judge at international competitions in Irish dancing; Mark Mulholland, Nicole Gillen and James Keegan – professional dancers and actors in the show “Lord of the Dance”.

“Celtic Phoenix” will perform at the show program of our event, and during the festival part, we invite you to feel the magic of Irish dance workshop with Ralitsa and Bilyana. Not only learning attractive steps of energy-charged dance but you can also try out something different – painting with your feet. Your footsteps and movements will draw pictures on the ground. Choreographies will also be suitable for beginners so that everyone can leave a trace.


Ayde BG! – “It’s cool to know”

“It’s stupid to be stupid – it’s good to know” – Hristiyana and Ivaylo think. These are two curious Bulgarians – a photographer and an actor by profession, maniacs for knowledge and odd facts. To make others interested, they launched the Ayde BG video channel on YouTube thematically on March 3rd – the national day of Bulgaria. Less than nine months later, Ivaylo and Hristiyana now have over 100,000 followers.

What’s the secret of their popularity and more about vlogging, you can find out on December 9th in the festival’s workshops between 12 and 18 hours.

This will be the first fan-encounter with the founders of the popular video channel. In the United States, over 60% of young people want to become vloggers. The profession is gaining popularity in Bulgaria. For the first time two of the Bulgarian representatives of this modern profession will provide an open lecture on what is required for successful realization in this field.

Until then, you can go to their channel and enrich your knowledge of Bulgaria and “this CRAZY planet,” as they themselves call it.


Better Gaming – all about online games

Better Gaming was started a few months ago by three boys who love video games. The organization is connected to online games, and their activity is published in Facebook, Twitch.tv and YouTube. At the moment, they are mainly promoting two games – Hearthstone and Overwatch. One of their latest initiatives was related to Hearthstone – an online tournament with a prize pool of 350 leva.

On December 9th Better Gaming will show you how to create and maintain a channel on Youtube and Twitch. You will also learn how to create and edit your own videos, what to look for and what to avoid. You will also learn more about advertising your product on social networks.


Atanas Dyulgerov (MentorMate) – Your first photos in amateur photography

Atanas Dyulgerov is a software engineer and photography makes him happy. For his pictures speak louder than words, you can look at them here:

On December 9th Nasko will share his experience and will make a presentation on the following main concepts in photography:

  1. 1. Photography art and why to start it off.
  2. 2. Technique – using digital cameras; phone, point-and-shoot; non-reflective and DSLR devices; lenses; flashes, filters and other accessories; is the technique important?
  3. 3. Basic concepts – composition and light; exposure, focus, light intensity; noise or blur.
  4. 4. Settings – sensitivity of the sensor; speed and exposure compensation; aperture; focus; white balance and warmth of colors.
  5. 5. Post-processing – RAW and its capabilities; how to get the picture; the role of Photoshop and similar applications.
  6. 6. Basic techniques and examples – color or black/white photography; landscape photography; macro photography; night shots.
  7. 7. Free discussion.

Iskrata.bg: the online Community center – a guardian of the Bulgarian spirit

National Community center “Ivan Vazov” – independent and self-governing association in Poduyane district, which preserves cultural, educational and informational traditions.

The mission of the “Ivan Vazov – 2014” Community Center is to create, preserve and spread spiritual values, develop creative abilities and satisfy cultural needs and interests of citizens, to create conditions for communication between people, business initiatives and projects, development plan of social and educational activities.

On December 9th representatives of the community center will present their experiences and initiatives related to the transformation of the urban environment through contemporary art, including graffiti.

The platform of community centres and educational activities will also be presented – iskrata.bg. Based on social networks – a messaging system, posting events, initiatives or trainings, galleries of photos and videos – you can keep track of everything new and important from the cultural world and the education in your area.


Teach for Bulgaria – quality education for every child in Bulgaria

„Teach for Bulgaria“ organization joins the initiative of “Trotoara” Foundation. They will invite children from their schools to visit the concert for free.

Moreover, all those who wish to do something good for Bulgarian pupils can get involved. Through our fundraising campaign, https://www.generosity.com/celebration-fundraising/t-r-a-p, you can buy a ticket for a child from “Together in Class” platform.

The mission of the organization is to ensure equal access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria, regardless of the place where they live, the school in which they study, their ethnic background and the social-economic situation of the parents. Program teachers work with students from vulnerable communities in schools across the whole country. This way they build a strong community of current and graduate participants as well as key partners from all sectors for long-term development.

In program schools, pupils encounter learning difficulties, show unsatisfactory results from external evaluations, have low motivation to learn, and are at risk of dropping out of the education system. Management in these schools meets the challenges with readiness and, despite the difficulties, seeks new paths to the success of their pupils.

For the complete program of the festival part and more surprises and organizations you will meet there, follow the Facebook page of the event.

One thing is certain – all of our partners are united around their love for what they do. Together, we prove that it is possible for you to succeed and evolve, while you do what you love

With the events of 9.12 we hope to reach out to young people in their development capabilities, help them rediscover their talents and find a way to create not only a more beautiful urban environment, more meaningful and enriching online space but also more emotional and devoted basis for each of them.

This is also the goal of T.R.A.P. – to lay the foundations of all members of society so that each one can leave a trace.

We look forward to see you on 9.12 at 12:00 o’clock at UACEG.

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