Very unsurprisingly 24th of May passed under a significant amount of water

Very unsurprisingly 24th of May passed under a significant amount of water, gathering all the rain for a whole summer, poured down in only one day, but this is a tradition. It always rains on the 24th of May. This, though, didn’t scare the participants in T.R.A.P. Fest Open Air: Music, Creativity, Inspiration, neither the visitors, and even less the music bands, which played in the evening.

The morning passed in different activities, which were specially tailored for the young people by a selection of hand-made artists, and namely: Maria Banova with Art Land, Milena with Milene’s Creatures, Maria with Marchella’s Art, Diana Angelova with Diji Project, Daya with ГълUP, Alexandra Ramirez with Cheese&Ashtray, Iskren and Kalina with KALO leather bags, Savina Eliseeva with Sh-upcycle, Stefany Kocheva with her Angel Jewels. There was everything for everybody – bracelets, hand-made animals, key holders, wool and plaster painting and the best thing was that all the youngsters, who took part in the workshops left the event with small presents. Things, they created with their own hands.

The day continued with more interesting workshops like:

A Board Games workshop where the crew of Abordage prepared very interesting board games activities and everyone could join the workshop for creating their own game.

Stela Stoeva brought different materials and clothes and fabrics which were used for creating different vases, bracelets, redesigning clothes or making new ones while at the same time Savina Eliseeva led a workshop “How to make a tote bag from recycled clothes”.

Lukan Chervenkov, together with Origin and Veloboost participated by giving different professional advices on how to tune your bike.

As it’s expected for an Open Air Festival, a very new activity for Bulgaria was presented there – Body Marbling.  The initiative was led by Mira Boyadzhieva, a popular Bulgarian actress and artist. The Body Marbling is an alternative form of painting the human fingers, arms and hands by dipping them into a special solution with paints on the top and the end result is very interesting tattoo-like patterns on the skin.

Also, two high-school students – Stela Muteva and Lia Mancheva from the 10th grade of the National High School of Arts “Saint Lukas” created a special workshop for painting on plaster figurines with dot painting technique, which recently began to be a very popular painting technique, applied on different materials.

There were three more workshops organized in partnership with Mika Foundationa workshop for making a hand-made soap,  workshop for raw sweets, hand painting with henna, and also applied arts’ activities with cardboards and seeds for the youngest visitors of the festival.

So, thus the most of the day passed by until the clock stroke 4 PM. This special time when the first musical performance of the day gathered everyone on the spot and the Rhythm Workshop of Elenko Petrov (Lenkisha) began. The purpose of the workshop was to show that every person has the rhythm in their soul and with a little help all of us can create music. Everywhere. On everything. The participants had the opportunity to recreate different melodies only by creating rhythm on cardboard boxes, buckets, pans, pots, kens and beer caps. For the purpose of the workshop, the participants were making alternative instruments the whole day, which were used during the workshop, that happened to be extremely interesting for the audience.

There was also placed a contemporary system for making music by amateurs, called Guitar Hero (a system of electronic guitars, drums, equipment and a screen), which was a very curious initiative of Igor Damyanov and Ivan Todorov from „Gestus”. Unfortunately the rain started pouring again and didn’t let us experiment more with this equipment, as we wished.

But as the rain is so typical for Ireland and the Irish people, it didn’t scare the dancers from “Celtic Phoenix” Irish Dancing Club and they gave the audience one unbelievable performance, which worked as a good magic and  scared the rain away. For really long time. To give the start of one amazing music programme, which was opened by the bands Heartz Beat and Dreg Starz, then moved on with Leever and the participants from the TV format “The Big Break”- The Lefties, swirled around the few very popular Bulgarian songs, alternatively performed by Frappe band and peaked into the performance of P.I.F.

P.I.F.  gave away all of their positive energy into the performance and thus made the end of T.R.A.P Fest Open Air: Music, Creativity, Inspiration a lot harder, because all of us wanted to stay for more.

Not on the last place we need to mention the names of Stefan Gagov, Kristian Petkov, Ilian Georgiev, Julia Kostova, Dessi Nikoltchev, Savina Eliseeva, Martina Eliseeva, Maria Yordanova, Maria Pandova, Dayana Dimitrova, Vangel Stoyanov from Abayomi Dance Studio, Daniela Stoeva, Ilian Petrov, Vladislav Aronov, Angel Grigorchev, Mihail Milchev and Toni from UpGrade U, Mika Foundation, Gestus Association, Benita Primo and Nibrai Circus Theatre, as also all friends of Trotoara Foundation for supporting T.R.A.P. and for being so extraordinary, charismatic, strong, young people living in Bulgaria.

In this memorable for Trotoara Foundation day 500 leva were gathered from donations and merchandise and the amount of money was spent on the 3rd and 4th of June for cleaning the place from all the construction waste and garbage. The location of the physical place T.R.A.P. is next to subway station “Serdika”.

We appreciate any kind of help, which will lead us to the opening of T.R.A.P. doors, so everyone who is willing to join our volunteer club or give us a hand and help, may contact us on:  info@trotoara.com , our Facebook page or on +359 893 77 40 10.

And this will be the first GRANDE step for opening T.R.A.P. – Trotoara Room for Angry People! Let’s walk it together!

Below you can checkout the photos from the event:

TRAP Fest Open Air – 24 Май 2017, Маймунарника

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