T.R.A.P. Fest Open Air – Music, Creativity, Inspiration | May 24, 2017 at Maimunarnika, Borisova garden

“Trotoara” Foundation is happy to present and give as a present a whole day, full of workshops, hand-made courses and a music concert, everything entrance-free, for all the young people in Bulgaria.
Everyone is invited, you – who are up to 18 years old and you – who feel like this!

On 24th of May, at the Borisova Garden, “Trotoara” Foundation presents for the first time an entirely entrance-free, entertaining and inspirational “T.R.A.P. Fest Open Air: Music, Arts and Inspiration“. The one-day festival is part of a number of events, a trademark of and organized by “Trotoara” and is created especially for young people.

The opening is at 11:00 AM when in “Maimunarnika” Club in Borisova Garden different in style and theme workshops will take place. They will be arranged on different spots, so the young people could be able to find where is their interest in and get in touch with different arts, sports and games. The workshops will be for hand-made arts, visual arts, paint arts, music, acting, dancing, literature, board games, ecology, bicycles and many more. The leaders of the workshops are people with a significant experience and willing to work for the Bulgarian youth. All the young visitors will have the opportunity to take part in different activities where they will actively create something they could bring at home, as a souvenir of their own skills.

The festival will close with lots of good music, performed by some young and some very popular bands on one stage. The beginning of the music program is at 6:00 PM. We’ll enjoy the music of the bands P.I.F. & Frappe, The Lefties, Leever, DREG STARZHeartz BEAT.

The festival is organized by “Trotoara” Foundation, whose team shares their concept and mission: “To inspire the young people to believe in themselves, to create, to build up their values, to develop themselves as persons and active participants of our community. We believe that the young people should be supported to develop their interpersonal skills and actively searching for new ones by participating in different programs, projects and community initiatives in the areas of music, arts, literature, education and ecology”

“Trotoara” Foundation engages with the ambitious task to “open doors” of one different, new and thoroughly free-of-charge place for young people, called T.R.A.P. This would be a physical place, where communication, inspiration and creativity in different areas will be happening with a full power. A place, where rehearsals, meetings, workshops, courses and different other activities will be held for young people, totally free of charge for them.

The organizers and all the participants in the event on the 24th of May will be there as volunteers. A donation box will be placed on spot and merchandise will be sold for fundraising the repair works for T.R.A.P.

T.R.A.P.’s location is already known and here you can see how it looks like before the repair work starts. Part of the budget is already gathered and everyone willing to support the cause can make a donation to “Trotoara”Foundation. The donations can be in any form – construction materials, volunteering work, financing the budget, any support is kindly accepted.

Trotoara’s ambition is the place to be ready and active by the end of October 2017 and would like to remind us that “everyone who supports the young people – invests in the future”.

Schedule – workshops themes:

Music and Rhythm – the participants will be able to play on different music instruments, to find the rhythm in their soul and take part in interactive games for creating music.
Acting – they will get to know basic acting techniques and will have the chance to get in touch with theatre art.
Body Marbling – this is the newest festival trend. Everyone willing to get a one-day “tattoo”, made by an alternative use of paints and liquid can do it on the festival.
Make a board game – participants will have the opportunity to explore board games and to creаte their own.
Literature and storyboard – participants will be working on a short script, adaptation of popular Bulgarian novels and will transform each literature work in a short storyboard.
Henna art – there will be a henna hand art.
Bike workshop – the young people will get to know the basic practices for upkeeping their bikes tuned.
Irish dancing workshop
How to sing on karaoke – will be explored basic techniques, used in karaoke singing and how a microphone works and is used.
Astronomy – on a specific place in “Maimunarnika” a real telescope will be placed and the guests will have the chance to get a detailed view of some consisting parts of the planetary system.
Hand-made arts – there will be different activities in making bracelets, bags, totes, clutches, dolls, earrings, clothes, accessories, magnets, which will be created from different recycled materials.

Schedule – concert:

18:00 – 18:20 – Heartz Beat
18:35 – 19:10 – Leever
19:25 – 20:10 – Dreg Starz
20:25 – 21:20 – The Lefties
21:35 – 22:30 – Frappe & P.I.F.

There will be a lottery with some prizes and the next interesting event – project of “Trotoara” Foundation will be a photo contest for young people up to 18 years old. It will start from 17th May to 16th of July and a photo exhibition with the best photographs from the contest.

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