Find TROTOARA in the woods on “MOGA FEST”, Etropole

At the entrance of a forest in the heart of the Etropole Balkan, you will meet a group of enthusiastic young people, gathered together by the idea to inspire, to create and to have some fun.

The team of Trotoara Foundation will be waiting for you on the spot, on the 26th of August 2017, having different activities organized for friends, artists and participants of all ages. MIKA Foundation and Irish dancing club “Celtic Phoenix” will be joining Trotoara Foundation to create a mix of activities for your taste, vision, mind and body.

All activities carry the festival spirit, which will be spreading around on the 7th edition of MOGA FEST.

They are specially selected to be appropriate for people of all ages, with or without particular experience, but having a strong desire to try something new or just to have fun. Everything can be easier and more enjoyable, especially with friends.

This is what Trotoara Foundation also believes in – finding new, different ways for coping with challenges.

Visual and applied arts, hand-made games, movement and healthy food are putting together the puzzle pieces on the way to an infinite happiness.

A way of finding new opportunities for arts and creative thinking.

Activities you can join on Saturday
between 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM

“Seed Art” applied arts activity – you can spare some of your time in open air and create a picture of different seeds. The artists from Mika Foundation will help you create together a piece of art using different techniques, beans and seeds.

“Irish Dancing” for all who love to dance – The dancers of “Celtic Phoenix” are going to make a demonstration of the different styles Irish dancing. Then you will have the chance to join them on the dancefloor and learn some specially selected, easy and attractive steps for beginners.

“Open Air Basketball”, so we can do some outdoor sports together – an idea can become a reality whenever we use what we have…on the spot. We will transform the park into a basketball field – with some unconventional materials, inspired by the place.

“Giant Jenga”, because games are not only for children – we all know that wooden pieces game, where you build a tower and take the pieces off one by one, starting from the tower base. The aim is to keep the tower from collapsing. There will be some additional fun challenges implemented into the wooden pieces, which the team of Trotoara invented especially for the occasion. You can learn more on the spot and take the challenge.

“Sweets and candy”, which we’re going to make by ourselves…healthy – main point – to be delicious. You get bonus points for learning to make them by following a special recipe.

The variety of outdoor activities are giving us a chance to use our hands and brains in our natural habitat.

Trotoara’s tent is also a place for meeting new, amazing people, exchanging ideas and experience and find friends while having fun.

Similarly Trotoara and Mika foundations walk on the same way with the Irish dancing club “Celtic Phoenix”. A common aim connects them – to motivate the young people to be active, to learn and share, to use their imagination and to go further on.

Actually this is where Trotoara was born – on the meeting point of the young souls. The creator is Deyan Yankov – he’s full of energy, creativity and inspiration. He and his organization create a place where young people will be encouraged to develop their skills and talents, to be active participants in different projects and programmes, activities and initiatives. Since 2014 Trotoara team is working hardly in the areas of music, arts, literature, ecology and education.

Since the spring of 2017 “Trotoara” is partnering with the team of “Mika” foundation to help young people to practice different kinds of arts and crafts, being tutored by experienced artists and creators from all over the world.

“Celtic Phoenix” is a group of very enthusiastic dancers, who we dance and have fun with from a long time ago. The professionals who will meet you on “MOGA FEST” believe that we don’t need to have a specific experience to be able to join their activities.

Under Trotoara’s tent you will have the chance to become a part of some fun and arts workshops. And the most important thing – you’ll get the chance to connect with your emotions, passion and inspiration. You need to bring only your energy, desire…and a few friends with you!

You can find out more about the festival here.

Author: Liliya Yovcheva

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