„The Adventure Begins in T.R.A.P.“ (review)

Getting together is a beginning.
Staying together is a progress.
Working together is a success

The students from Sofia High School of Mathematics (SHSM) and the National High School of Natural Science and Mathematics (NSSM) united under this motto, along with NGOs and IT companies to create the event on 9 December 2017. To realize the project, “Trotoara” Foundation cooperated with companies such as BulworkDaisSoftware, InspireSoft, ScaleFocus, Mentor Mate Bulgaria, Hewlett Packard Enterprise60K International Contact CentresIBM and PlayTech.

Accepting the cause that gave a start to the adventure was only one step of the way – by the end of the event we succeeded on multiple levels.

As a result of our joined effort, we put up a mini-festival and a concert in UACEG. Various talents came together on stage – singers, dancers, actors, entertainers and everything in between. The show that we created was not only able to connect to different audiences, but also set an example that showed how amateurs and professionals work together and learn from one another.

The collaboration between the high schools came as the highest award for the participants. In the lead role we saw students from the highest profile mathematics high schools in Sofia. They had an insight into the full process of organizing an event of this kind. Despite the two schools often seen as a competition, their students made the collaboration possible.

Together they started from just an idea for a joined concert and made it a reality following all the steps. This involved coming up with a title and a tagline, creating a marketing campaign with the appropriate design, spreading the idea by flyers and online advertising in the social media and through radio and television. The organisers selected the talents in an audition that followed a few stages. They also created their own event programme. The “Trotoara” Foundation team gave directions to the students the whole time – from the rehearsals until the actual show. Dynacord Audio technicians gave their professional advise in the lighting and sound for stage at the actual event.

In the show we saw the dance formations of: Veda Junior, Street Dance School The Center, REWOW, Dance studio New eX, Клуб за ирландски танци “Келтски феникс” (Irish Dance Club “Celtic Phoenix”), “Самодивите” (“Samodivite”) and “Светкавиците” (“The Lighenings”) from SHSM, Stefanova’s olklore dancing schools from NSSM, rock and roll acrobatics duo Stasi and Luchko from “Cosmos” Club, Plami from SHSM.

We heard the singing voices of: Aleksandria, Kalina, Nevena, Teodora and Rumi from SHSM, Yana, Delyana and Vyara from NSSM, Niki from NSSM and Scalefocus; Iliya from 51st high school, the rock bands “VITS” and “58 Degrees” from SHSM, and the “Elitsa” Choit from National high school for ancient languages and cultures “Konstantin-Cyril Philosopher”-Sofia.

A special act performed: Anton Hasan street show (Anton-Hassan Street Show), the freerunners Boyko Dimitrov, Kaloyan Bozhilski and Yoan Dasev; Green Riders Squad; Yulian Menson and Alexander Vasilev on BMX bikes.

We also saw the professional performances of: “The Voice of Bulgaria” singers Simona Zagorova Official, Kristian Grancharov – Kris Gran от The Voice of Bulgaria, Radko Petkov and the hip-hop crews Roof Rhymez Studio and So Called Crew.

The hosts were Bozhidar, Delyan, Evelina, Ida and Patricia.

The idea for a concert evolved into a mini festival in the process. Other NGOs and volunteers from the IT companies came to help. Together they put up a large number of activities for the guests – seminars, workshops and various games that added up to the “Adventure”. The attendees varied from all ages – children to adults, all showing excitement on the selected topics.

The core of the festival was focused at technology and more specifically, the IT, but didn’t end with that. The festival-goers had a chance to learn more about software and hardware decisions in their work with the industry leading companies’ ongoing projects. They could also get a hands on experience of building computer systems and servers.

The gaming area, led by Better Gaming attracted the most attention throughout the day. The students had a chance to compete at the organized tournaments but also learn more about safe use of the Internet, setting up online video channels and video editing.

The students showed a special interest in today’s most sought after profession “vlogger”. The Bulgarian vlogging duo “AydeBG” attracted the largest crowd for the day. The attendees also enjoyed the photography presentation and the arts workshops.

Other than technology, the participants in the “Adventure” joined Visionary’s and SAT Gallery’s graffiti and street art workshop. They also danced Irish dance with “Celtic Phoenix”.

As a highlight of the event, HPE’s team provided a prize draw following a treasure hunt game. At the end of an emotionally driven day, Elena Biserova from 145th High School won a brand new drone.

Fundraising for the building of „T.R.A.P. – a place for inspiration and creativity” was one of the main aims of the event. And so was spreading the word about the place. The funds raised through concert tickets and merchandising contributed to some of the most urgent needs of the community centre. The majority of the funds was used to cover the expenses for the actual event – venue hire, advertising, professional lighting and sound and technical support.

The event helped the most by expanding our friends’ circle and building up our partnerships. A large portion of them is already involved with the rising number of event at the first part of T.R.A.P. – Elements that opened doors in October. The place is now thriving with a variety of activities, as we could tell in the winter season – students’ exhibitions, vloggers’ fen-meetings, seminars and a gaming festival, to just name a few.

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