Trotoara’s Photo contest has ended. Meet the jury!

Who will be the jury of the photo contest “Street Action”?

The deadline for uploading pictures for the photo contest of Trotoara Foundation is officially here. Now it’s time to reveal the answer to the question that most of the contestants ask – who will select the best photographs, which will sweep the awards in the competition?

We asked the members of the jury to shed some light on what they expect in the photographs, on what inspires them in their life and profession, and on what impresses them.

Sean Marier

Photo: Facebook

Sean Marier is an American photographer who specializes in portrait and travel photography. His love for taking photos began when he was 8 years old and received a camera as a Christmas gift from customers on his paper route. After college and many years in the corporate world, he finally turned this passion into a career in 2013. Sean is currently on an adventure around the world with a program called Remote Year, visiting a different city every month across Europe, Asia and South America and capturing moments as he goes. You can see more of Sean’s photos here: https://www.instagram.com/839photo/

T: What will be the most important thing for you to look in the photos of the contest?

S: I want to find photos that make me feel something — happiness, sadness, excitement — whatever the photographer was looking to convey. I want to be taken into the world of the photo, curious about what was happening before and after the moment it was taken.

T: What is your personal inspiration in photography?

S: I can personally find inspiration in just about any subject, and always inspire to capture a unique perspective or moment in time.

T: What would you tell the young future smartphone photographers?

S: Keep shooting. Explore. Try to always be aware of what is going on in the world around you and how you can share that in a unique way.

Evgeni Dimitrov

Photo: Facebook

Evgeni Dimitrov is a journalist and the founder of Internet photo-journalist agency “BulFoto”. He graduated Journalism at Sofia University and during his studies, he started a job as photo journalist in different press media. Later, he founded “BulFoto”. The idea came up one day, when he had to visit the offices of different press media to offer his pictures of different events of the day. Then he thought how useful it would be if all the pictures could be uploaded to a website, so each media could download the pictures they needed. Thus, the idea begat one of the most successful Bulgarian Internet photo-journalist agencies, which provides Bulgarian media with pictures of daily events they cannot cover by themselves, as well as some international media that cover news from Bulgaria.

Evgeni Dimitrov has been invited as jury member of some of the biggest Bulgarian photo competitions – Drag Photo Contest, BGpressinfo and “We, The People”, organized by Photosynthesis.

T: Mr. Dimitrov, one of the main conditions of the photo contest “Street Action” is the pictures to be taken with a smart device – a phone or tablet. How do you react to that?

E: This photo competition is targeted at people who don’t walk around with professional equipment during their day. The pictures made with a smartphone or a tablet are taken in the right time and right place, which, I think, will bring us more unique moments. 

T: What are the main criteria that should be applied for getting the final results of the contest?

E: The first and most important one, of course, is that the winning picture should be good and on the theme of the contest. It should reflect the spirits of the time and not to be a photo cliche, which we see all the time.

T: Which are the three pillars on which a good photography stands (which exclude the equipment used for taking the picture)?

E: The three pillars are aesthetics, the captured moment and the message of the picture. Well, the picture also needs to have focus 🙂

T: Which aspect of photography inspires you in your life?

E: The photography is an inspiring hobby, but for some lucky people it is also a profession. To be able to do both of them is amazing.

Ivan Shishiev

Photo: Facebook

Ivan Shishiev became more involved with photography pool during the occupation of the Sofia University. After that, he hitchhiked around Europe and took different travel photographs in different countries. When he came back to Bulgaria he started a project in the social media, called “Sketches of Sofia”, whose mission was to share the beauty of Sofia city and its people with the world. The project has more than 95 000 followers and 4 successful exhibitions in well-known city art spaces. The pictures of “Sketches of Sofia” are more than 4500 and vividly describe the pulse of the city as always moving, transforming, dynamic and sometimes quiet. Beside this project Ivan also does some creative writing and publicist articles.

T: What are the main criteria according to you, which should be applied for the final result of the contest?

I: Mostly the right framing and capturing the right moment.

T: Which are the specific features that make a photography memorable?

I: The first and original points of view of the newborn photographer. The vision of students, unburdened with rules, could bring some masterpieces and hits in the photography area, which we can’t even dream of. Even when inspired only by the streets of the city.

The most impressive photographs will be organized in a photo exhibition and will be placed in the lobby of Capital Fort Business Centre in Sofia. Everyone, who would like to see the exhibition is kindly invited to visit. The dates of the exhibition will be anounced soon.

The results will be announced not later than 23.07.2017 in Trotoaras’Facebook page and website.

Here you can checkout all the photos from the contest: Photo contest “Street Action”

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