What happened at the different areas of TRAP fest 2018? A commentary.

Over 250 volunteers and participants at an average age of 15. Over 1,000 attendees, live streaming on YouTube and Twitch - these are only a few of the highlights of the festival.



We opened the Inspiration Area with a presentation by Nakama, an organization involved with the anime movement in Bulgaria and the popularization of Japanese culture in our country. In two hours, they covered a wide range of topics related to Japanese culture, the birth and development of cosplay and aniventures in Japan, Bulgaria and around the world, about anime cafes, the shift of cosplay from a hobby to a job, and much more. Sylvia and Alex, dressed up in their favorite costumes, answered all of the audience’s questions and we had a lot of fun together.

Presentations proceeded with Ivan Shishiev, the founder of Etudes of Sofia. He told us all about his experience as a photographer, his admiration of the beauty of Sofia, about the inspiration and pleasure of doing photography. He shared how the page was first created as part of a blog but has now turned into a huge part of his life. We also learned about his passion for climbing tall buildings in search of the perfect view.

The first day ended with the presentation of Nasko Stamenov, who introduced to us NPMG Alumni Club, how it works, why it is useful and why each school should have one.


The second day began with a discussion on corporate social responsibility. The organizers of the discussion panel – HPE, had invited representatives of other big companies and non-profit organizations. The topic turned out to be so broad that the discussion continued informally afterwards.

The next discussion covered the topic of School Councils. Participants were SMG, NPMG, 134 SOU, NGDEK, TUES and our guests from 125 SOU. Council representatives shared details about the councils’ structure, and the activities and tasks they are responsible for. They found common grounds but also got new ideas and inspiration. Christmas balls, charity balls, open doors days and spread of information were among the discussed topics.

Our next guests were representatives of POdLEZNO who shared how their idea came about and how it was realized. They told us which underpasses they’ve decorated, what brings them joy, how important teamwork is and also shared their future ideas. They left behind a huge amount of positive energy.


At the acoustic area of the fest we listened to some of the best Bulgarian musicians. Dozens of visitors were gathered round the scene, who had come there to breathe in the atmosphere of the performances.

On the first day we listened to Rada Ilieva, Christofer White and Yambadon – the first Bulgarian band dedicated to West Africa’s rhythm traditions.

The Hand-rolled midnights band, the alternative rock band Paracosm, the Voice of Bulgaria participant Nia Petrova, accompanied by Rada and Mitko Proynov, all contributed to the second day with their great energy, music and wonderful voices.

Various interesting workshops were held at the dance area. A lot of people were willing to participate and were intrigued by the different styles.

On Saturday, Latin dancing took place. Simona Harizonova showed us some waaking moves, and afterwards, Mrs. Stefanova, together with her students from the NPMG, taught us some of the most famous Bulgarian folklore dances called horo.

On Sunday, we joined the NOX group’s K-pop dances, we did Hip-Hop with Victoria Dimitrova, VS DANCE and Celtic Phoenix showed us some Irish folklore dances.

At the board games area, Abordage were our guests on the first day. They showed us games like Avalon, Squirrel attack, King of History, Masquerade, Katan, Spyfall. The board games enjoyed huge interest from the audience during the whole fest. The main focus was on party games for several people and the new additions to their collection – King of History and Squirrel attack.

DaPlace visited us on Sunday. The games they brought with them were easier and quicker to play, such as Katan and Saboteur.

The Prostori project took part in the TRAP FEST, and a competition for works created by school pupils and members of TRAP was held. The works included beautiful paintings and themed photos and were placed on the “Prostori” tied between the dance and acoustic area, creating an art atmosphere.

Scrap wars and Robotics

Is it possible to turn nothing into something? What happens to your old computers – do you just throw them away? Why not get them into scrap wars? Groups of students, together with their mentors from IT companies, take old computers apart and then put them together in a merciless competition. Afterwards, all parts go for recycling, and the computers best put together are donated to people in need. Why should you do it?

  1. You give students the opportunity to learn and practice on actual computers.
  2. By giving them away for recycling you protect nature!
  3. Because we have to help each other…

Many of the largest IT companies in the country participated in the Scrap Wars. Over 100 computers and even more parts were donated. Teams from several schools in Sofia took part in the competition.

It was held in 2 rounds. In the first round, the competitors assembled a computer which was supposed to start working while in the second round, they had to install an operating system.

For two whole days, piles of old parts, bolts, motherboards, and other kinds of scrap pieces came to life in the hands of the students. There is only one word for all this – COOL! And the coolest thing is that youngsters, mentors and volunteers were all involved in the process! The space occupied by the Scrap Wars was a large part of the John Atanasoff Hall.

What better way to continue the work of the great Bulgarian scientist other than passing on the passion for zeros and ones to the next generations?

Together we decided that it should continue. In 2019, Trotoara will develop the electronic scrap recycling program, and we’ll also continue to support anyone who can’t get their own computer.

You can support us too!

Robotics for children

One of the most interesting activities was the robotics workshop organized by B2N.

In this workshop, the children got to know the logic behind functional mechanisms and how they can create parts using 3D printing and assemble a small robot all by themselves.

Basics of 3D printing

This workshop covered various 3D printing technologies and their applications. Explicitly, the FDM technology was displayed – such machines were there on the spot and some objects, printed with them. Free and easy-to-use 3D modeling software completed the overall aim of the workshop, namely – to inspire children’s confidence that they can create and materialize their ideas on their own.

For the second consecutive year, the festival supported the mission of the I CAN TOO Foundation, which helps children with special needs and their families. More than 150 T.R.A.P. volunteers and visitor took photos at the I CAN TOO charity photobooth. They were all introduced to the cause and given a chance to support it.

You can check out all the photos here:


Our joint initiatives with I CAN TOO will continue in 2019 as well. Expect more information very soon.

Until then, you can learn more about I CAN TOO at:

or by following them on their social media platforms: https://www.facebook.com/icantoofoundation

Here’s the full gallery with pictures from the different areas

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