Gaming! One of the main activities at TRAP fest 2018 welcomed more than 200 participants, fans, spectators and attracted new pioneers of Trotoara. At the same time, thanks to Pro-technica Event, Ardes.bg and their partners, for more than 20 hours there was a live stream on the brand- new Twitch канал на Тротоара.

The games were divided into 2 areas – Main gaming stage and Free-to-play area. Here’s what happened there.


The F2P area was a big attraction since the very opening of the doors until the last possible moment that you could play there, with all computers (12) occupied almost all the time (except for when the sign up for the games was happening).

Day 1

On the first day, the Exemplar Gaming Academy’s Overwatch team played their first qualification for the biggest game league publicly and then organized a friendly match between two teams from the audience.

Fortnite qualifications followed. There was also the opportunity to play free games and test the awesome machines provided by Ardes.bg, that definitely proved to be top-notch – the players could enjoy the great performance of the new INTEL® CORE ™ i9-9900 processor in an incredible combination with the GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti.

16 pairs took part in the Fortnite qualifications tournament. The aim of the race was to make the most kills for 2 games, with the 8 best-performing couples qualifying for the final.

Of course, the CS: GO and League of Legends fans were not disappointed. Both days at 6 PM there were two separate 1 on 1 tournaments, and the winners received prizes provided by Ardes.bg.

Day 2

A rare but appreciated by the fans event – an Overwatch tournament, took place on the second day. Exemplar gaming did an amazing job at attracting many fans for the game and organized a great tournament of the not-that-popular-yet game.

The Fortnite finals started at 13.30 h. The pairs played against other four players in the so-called Battle Royal and the goal was to collect as many eliminations as possible. The draw determined which two pairs to meet in the first round. After dropping out of round 1, the pairs that lost were redirected to a second stream of “losers” where they had a chance to get to the finals.

After four rounds, both streams had a team of “winners” to play at the big finals. The losing team of the “winners” semi-finals played against the pair who won all rounds in the “losers” stream to determine the other finalist.

The the “losers” pair could also win this round and face the team who had sent them to the losers in the big finals. The big finals scheme was 2 out of 3, with the “losers” team coming into the finals with 1 loss.

The team that has no loss so far from the winners’ stream has 1 round in assets and needs 1 victory while the other pair needs 2. After a very challenging first round, the results were 1 to 1 and that led to the 3rd round where the favorites from the winning stream managed to make 20 eliminations in the first match and the other pair – 9. So, in the last game it seemed that the favorite will conclude the match but due to poor communication they dropped out at the beginning of the second game from the 3rd round with 2 keels which put them 13 eliminations ahead of the second pair.

The boys who were eliminated by the favorites earlier on Day 2 and managed to reach the finals with them again had a tide of hope and flew into a fierce quest for opponents to be eliminated by them. After a 30-minute game with unimaginable tension between the pairs, the boys made the impossible and achieved 14 eliminations in the final tournament, making them the champions of T.R.A.P. Fest 2018 Fortnite Tournament and deservedly won the prizes by Ardes.bg.

The day ended with a CS: GO and League of Legends 1 on 1 tournament.

Main Gaming scene

Day 1

The first day started with a CS: GO match between SMG and TRAP and from the start, SMG led with the significant 4: 0 result. The match continued in favor of SMG and in the middle of the game the results were still in their favor. A spectacular 16: 3 victory followed and led them forward in the ranking for the first place.

The second CS: GO game was between NPMG and the IT team. The match was quite fierce, as both teams showed solid skills in the game and were all on the same level. In the last round of the game, rosko showed great sniper skills with which he managed to eliminate three people in a row, but unfortunately this was not enough – the IT companies team lost with 10:16.

The first LoL match for the day was played by NPMG and SMG. The game was challenging, but eventually it took only 23 minutes after SMG took the lead and won with a 24: 3 score.

The second LoL match for the day was played between teams of TRAP and IT companies. TRAP dominated and quickly won the game with a 13:3 score. To reach this victory, the ads of TRAP (Flame QueeN) managed to make the first hits in the initial phase – this was quite a key moment, because he managed to get the items needed to get ahead of the IT team’s adc (oejfqwe qewf).

Day 2

Sunday began with a CS: GO match for third and fourth place between the TRAP and IT teams. TRAP’s team won the first round and took the lead. They managed to keep their dominance until the end of the game, which ended with a score of 16:10 and a victory for the boys from TRAP.

The second match of the day was for third and fourth place in LoL between the IT and NPMG teams. From the very beginning, NPMG took the lead with 6: 2, showing good coordination and
communication. A little later in the game, NMPG were still leading with 23:08. The IT team was had difficulties coping with the mighty NPMG and subsequently failed to win. NPMG defeated with a score of 25: 8.

SMG and NPMG played at the CS: GO finals. The students from the math classes participated in a charity match at their favorite game. In the beginning, the teams were fairly equal, but then SMG managed to take control, thanks to their coordinated moves, team play, and their success at taking advantage of NPMG’s errors. SMG won the CS: GO tournament with a 16: 4 score and NPMG came second.

In the big LoL final, SMG and TRAP competed. From the very beginning, the game began aggressively, dynamically, and lacked the usual wait and flair from both teams, and the attacks began very early on. Throughout the game, the SMG team showed serious teamplay, having visibility on the entire map. This of course led to supremacy. In a short, very dynamic and aggressive game that lasted only 22 minutes, the winner was the team of SMG with a score of 18: 4 and TRAP came second.

The positive aspect of all that was the great fairplay that the teams showed. The great TRAP spirit was everywhere, and over 200 different players took part in the tournaments happening in both gaming areas. Students, IT companies and employees, fans and spectators made a great sportsman game.

The two whole days of tournaments in the main gaming stage were streamed in Trotoara’s Twitch Channel, and the technical equipment was impeccable, thanks to the amazing Ardes.bg and Pro-technica Event.

Until next time, friends!


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