Briefly about B2N

B2N is a company that sells and distributes 3D printers, scanners, software, as well as training andconsulting. Our long experience in the field has shown that people often don’t have the knowledge onusing the machines or reach the full potential of the technologies employed. That is why B2N organizesspecialized trainings in various professional and educational fields, which aim to enrich the knowledge of the participants and enable them to take advantage of the latest trends in the world of 3D printing. This is one of the reasons why we are happy to support Trotoara’s initiative – to pass on some of our knowledge and experience to the next digital generation.

Robotics for kids

In this workshop, the children will learn about the logic behind functional mechanisms and how they can create parts using 3D printing and assemble a small robot all by themselves. A free 3D modeling software and its basic features will also be presented to them. Participation in the workshop will give the kids the inspiration to experiment and confidence that they can become inventors themselves. Work will be done in small groups of 2 or 3 children who will be able to choose which model to create together.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Age group: 14-18 years

Basics of 3D printing

This workshop will cover various 3D printing technologies and their applications. Explicitly, the FDM technology was displayed – such machines were there on the spot and some objects, printed with them. Free and easy-to-use 3D modeling software completed the overall aim of the workshop, namely – to inspire children’s confidence that they can create and materialize their ideas on their own. Recommended but not mandatory would be for the enrolled participants to bring their own computer.

Duration: 1 h and 30 minutes.

Age group: 12-18 years

Enrollment can be done at Trotoara’s central stand at the entrance of the hall.

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