DJ parties at TRAP FEST 2018 – The Adventure 2 / K-POP + TRAP, RAP & DUBSTEP

Author: Borislava Jordanova

Are you ready for the teen event of the year? I’m talking about TRAP fest 2018 – The Adventure at Sofia Tech Park. The perfect slogan for the event would be “More is more”. Why? Because it is a look backwards, it brings together the music and the people from the smaller but successful previous DJ parties.

Those parties are included in the general program that you can find on the Trotoara’s Facebook page. During the whole time, there will be music at the event but at some selected intervals we will roll the tape backwards, bringing back the memories from the past parties to relive the emotions and the fun we had.

I talked to five young people involved in the “big business” – Shuki (17), Stefan (16), Bobbi (17), Totti (15), Eli (16) and Matthew (14). Everyone admits that T.R.A.P gives them the opportunity to unveil their qualities by transforming into managers, DJs, organizers… to develop their ideas and talents in real conditions such as the upcoming event. They fell this would be a real challenge because they will apply everything learned, for 12 hours they will experiment with the sound at Sofia Tech Park on 8.12 and 9.12. They are loaded with the imagination and enthusiasm and promise they’ll convey to us. “We came in as volunteers, we go out as DJs,” the youngsters joke.

The first day will be a reference to K-Trap parties. From 14:30 to 16:30 on the Main Stage, you will have the opportunity to recall K-Trap: Kpop Trap Mix Party for T.R.A.P and K-Trap 2: Kpop Trap Mix Party. As a warm up our DJs and friends have prepared a rich and varied set of Kpop songs to contaminate you with the energy.

After the musical intro, the six capital letter G groups will join us and perform our favorite dance choreographies. Among them are Crown, Moonlight and NOX, winners of the second place at the Korean Culture Festival – Go to Korea. On the second day of the festival you can participate in the K-pop dances workshop that will lead.

Following the bands’ performance, there will be a bonus surprise … Random K-pop Dance Challenge for the bravest enthusiasts who know the choreographies to the songs we will play. This will bring to an end the two-hour DJ party program.

On the second day, from 15:30 to 17:00 Trap Fest will bring us back to Trap, Rap & Dubstep for TRAP and Trap, Rap & Dubstep vol.2. As the name suggests, the music will be entirely electronic and some favorite rap songs will be played as well.
On the 9th there will be more surprises, but the young people decided to leave them be exactly that – surprises.

For 2 days, Sofia Tech Park will turn into a whole different dimension with multiple parallel universes inside. Dynamics and life will be everywhere around you, and so will music and inspired young people with common interests.

At TRAP fest 2018, expect the big K-POP party of the year! Music, dancing and fun for every K-pop fan! Featuring Rewow, Moonlight, Krown, Wings, Meow and NOX!


Kpop – 14: 30-16: 30

Part1- kpop party – 14: 30-15: 20

Part2- kpop dance groups – 15: 20- 16: 00

Part3- kpop random dance challenge – 16: 00- 16: 30


Kpop dance workshop с NOX! ( NCT U- BOSS)

DJ- Borislav Shukadarov, Boris Georgiev, Stephan Markov

Organizer – Elly Taehyung

Co-organizer – Toti Ngo, Ivan Yordanov

We’ll see you there!

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