SMG, NPMG, TRAP and the fest 2.0 story

“The war” between  СМГ and НПМГ has been around for quite some time – who has the bigger brain, who will win the medal, who is first… There is, however, one initiative where everyone is first. An initiative that gives a start of both self-expression and collaboration, an initiative that has an objective outcome and also brings satisfaction to the participants. This initiative is called T.R.A.P Fest 2018. For yet another year, Trotoara Foundation manages to bring together two warring schools for a common cause, namely – the Place! Our place – TRAP. Where we create, sing, communicate and have fun.

The organization of a two-day festival is extremely labor-intensive. Many people with potential are needed. We can boast that this year, the largest school in Bulgaria managed bury the hatchet and work as a team in the name of a cause. To feel their enthusiasm, meet Yana, a 12th grade student at NPMG, who is a member of the students board at the school, Ivan – a veteran dancer (12th grader at NPMG), Preslava, an 11th grader from the CMG, who is also a member of the students board at the school where Eva goes as well, an 11th grader at SMG.

Here’s what they shared about TRAP, about the Fest and organizational activities:

Yana: The place and atmosphere of TRAP are unique – positive and charged with good energy. All those children, gathered in one place, bursting with ideas, really make you smile. And Dido is a great person, so very inspiring. After every encounter with him I feel very enthusiastic and very impressed by his character and positive thinking. As part of the organizers of the fest, my task is to gather the participant teams in the League of Legends and Counter Strike competitions in our school, and I will also help with the science organizing and at the hall for presentations.

– How did everything around the organization of TRAP fest 2018 influence you and what do you expect?

The schools united around the festival’s organization with the idea of ​​making it a really big and fun event. This year, while working in a team, I learned to trust others more, to believe that they will do their job perfectly, better than I would have done it, and that I don’t have to keep an eye on everything and be part of everything to make sure it will be done right, which was my bad habit. I expect that many students will attend the fest, will have lots of fun and the event will be an emotional and inspiring experience. After the end of the event, I hope there will be other common initiatives organized together with other schools. The work on the fest charges me with positive energy and with lots of emotions, which influences my everyday life.

Ivan: I love dong art- photography, drawing and dancing. I recently decided to join the initiative of TRAP. I think the place is very cozy and genuine, and Dido makes us see the good side of things. I participate in the Fest’s set-up by organizing the K-pop dances on stage with Eli.

– How did everything around the organization of TRAP fest 2018 influence you and what do you expect?

For me projects like T.R.A.P Fest serve to bring schools together and trains your patience (I’m kidding). From my participation in the Fest I learned to trust other more and rely on them, learned to organize people, talk to strangers and invite them to such events. I think the Festival will be a success and many people will attend the event because TRAP Fest is not just an event, it is a chance to meet many people and create friendships.

Preslava, who likes volleyball and drawing: I am a member of the SMG Students Board and together with TRAP and NPMG we work on the organization of TRAP Fest, but I am not a member of TRAP. I found out about the initiative a couple of months ago when we started working on the project and I really liked it. The good thing about TRAP and Dido is that they understand the pressure on today’s “teenagers” / youngsters and you can be yourself – there are no prejudice, only teamwork. It is these common projects and teamwork that bring the schools closer together. Аll pupils and participants learn how to assign tasks, consider everyone around them and many other skills that will be of great help to them in the future. For the fest I have good expectations, I think many people will have a great time.

– How would you attract people to the cause? To TRAP?

I would tell them that they wouldn’t only learn things, which are of value for their lives, help society and get to know new people with common interests, but you also have fun!

Eva, who dances and draws: I like TRAP because of its feel of coziness and the fact that everything is done with a lot of feelings and emotion. In the organization I participate as a representative of the Students Board of SMG. Thanks to Dido and the Fest, SMG and NPMG became closer, due to all the meetings, discussions, and so on.

– What do you expect from the fest? What does its organization bring you?

I expect a very cool event, people having fun and everything going very smoothly! I suppose we will continue our relationship after the event. The work on the fest brings me mostly pleasure and satisfaction. To anyone who wonders if they should come to the event, I’d like to say that this is the place where you’ll many new people and fun is guaranteed. We’ve basically made it a “Something for everyone” type of fest!

Stay tuned for TRAP fest updates on our Facebook page, the event and our site are there. We’ll see you there!



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