Scrap wars @ T.R.A.P fest 2018- bringing back life to your own PC

Hey you! You would love to make something out of nothing and you would want to give life to an old PC?

Scrap Wars is in need of minions just like you!

The competition will take place within 2 days (8th and 9th December) during T.R.A.P. fest 2018 – Приключението 2 in Sofia Tech Park- in John Atanasov hall!

Give life to your old computer and help the kids at T.R.A.P.! Donate your old computer or separate components of it!

Give life to your old computer and help the kids at T.R.A.P.! Donate components or the whole thing!

To organize the competition we need old computers- unlimited quantity!

Old means old – they may not even work!

We ask all of you to join and donate as many computers as many computers as possible so that we can make the race happen! Old separate parts are also welcome.

Donation points /between 10 and 18 o’clock on working days/

For more information from email: info@trotoara.com

Telephone number of Trotoara foundation: 0899 396466

Business center Kambanite -HPE office

Number for contact: 0988 832749

Interpred – office Musala Soft

Number for contact: 0883 379933

“Megapark” building / The Mall on “Tsarigatsko Shose” – office Experian

Number for contact: 0885 088215

T.R.A.P. – Brothers Miladinov 26 str. – Trotoara Foundation

Number for contact: 0899 396466 /тук може да дарявате и през почивните дни с уговорка/

Office of Trotoara foundation

42, Tsar Ivan Asen II Str. /you can leave your computer here only if previously agreed on – 0899 396466/

Ако сте потребител на платформата TimeHeroes може да видите мисията там: https://timeheroes.org/bg/trotoara/dari-star-computer-trap-fest-2018

Here are the rules and the program:

Day 1 (the 8th of December)

The time between 10 and 11 is for forming teams on the spot. They will get to build their own strategy before the beginning . The teams will consist of 3 minions and a captain.

Enrollment for people who want to take part can happen at this site:


Enrollment could also take place on the spot (But only if there is place left from the registration period).

In order to take art you will need to have bought a ticket valid for both days on T.R.A.P. fest 2018, which you could get from the web page of Eventim here:


All who take part will get prices, while the first place prices will be given in the event.

The parts there are will be sorted out and  will be available for the contestants to look at until 12 o’clock- without touching them.

From 12 until 18 there will be 8 rounds with 4 teams at the same time, each round new teams. From every round there will come out one team for the second faze of the competition.

Under the guide of the captain, the minions will have to choose and sort the parts from a chosen point.

The place for construction will be given in the form of an individual table for every group, which will have in its asset a monitor, a power cable and a screwdriver.

The time for work and testing of the products will be 30 minutes.

After finishing work or the ending of work time, 3 judges will check what every team has done and decide who deserves to move on.

Giving a grade will be done using a point system from 1 up to 10, while the judges will look at:

1. The speed of the group’s work

2. How old the chosen parts were

3. The quality of assembly 


Day 2 (the 9th of December)

The victors from the first day will have the opportunity to upgrade their machine as they will be allowed to choose from parts left from the event.

The real challenge will come with installing a operational system like Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows XP, Linux Mint and others, according to taste. The operational system containers will all be provided on the spot.

Who wins? The fastest, of course!

Save the Earth!

At the end of the fest all parts will be given away for recycling, while the profit will go to the expansion of Totoara foundation’s work space and its maintenance.

If we succeed with assembling more modern computers, which can be used, we will give them to kids who need, but cannot afford to get one.


For questions and answers:

Don’t hesitate to write to info@trotoara.com or on our Facebook page for all kinds of questions and clarifications:


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