Sleds, sleds, sleds! Sled-making and sledding with TRAP

February brought us snow and at TRAP – Trotoara Room for Angry People. we had lots of material for some cool and fast sleds! Two sleds were already hand-made and we wanted to make a few more so we could hit the slopes at Vitosha mountain and do a sledding competition!

The young and young-at-heart were all invited to participate in the sled making workshop and contribute to the development of winter sports and to have fun of course!

The result didn’t disappoint: we managed to make
6 awesome, hand-made, and coated sleds! Now after the end of the winter season, we are up for selling our sleds for charity. If anyone is interested, just contact us. Otherwise we will exhibit them at the Berlin Museum for Science and Technology 🙂 Jokes aside, we will just use the sleds for some winter fun again next winter.

Winter Fun with Sled at Aleko, Vitosha Mountain

The sleds turned out great and we totally put them in use at Vitosha. Together with Sofia Mountain Club we organized a sledding day on 10th and 11th March nearby Aleko Hut on Vitosha mountain. We invited all young people and pupils to take part together with their families. The winter competition was great and in the end we were all winners!

About the foundation

Trotoara Foundation is an independent NGO organization, officially registered in the Bulgarian court, targeting the young people. Our goal is to create suitable environment for creativity and expression for the young people, and encourage them to build and develop their own cultural, spiritual, intellectual and national values, to improve their skills and acquire new. We want to support them to be active, to learn and share, to support them in their personal and professional growth and being valuable members of the Bulgarian and world society. For that purpose we created T.R.A.P – an unique place in Sofia, where positive development takes place. It is a home to communication, inspiration and art creativity. One of our main ideas is this place to host free rehearsals, meetings, workshop and other events for youngsters without any sex, ethnicity or social status discrimination.

You could find more information about the event HERE and HERE

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