Rhymove! BG hip-hop and bike demonstrations, 12.05, 97 “Miladinovi Brothers” High School

Trotoara foundation is happy to announce that on 12th of May a special hip-hop concert will take place in 97 “Miladinovi Brothers” High School, setting down the beginning of one not always easy path, on which all high school graduates will take on, stepping into the world of adult, independent, thoughtful and always developing persons!

Rhymove! – rhymes, movement, inspiration!

There will be a demonstrational bike show in the high school, which will be exclusively led by Lukan Chervenkov, one of the best downhill racers in Bulgaria and also a representative of Veloboost, Shushon and Origin. Three thoroughly Bulgarian brands, supporting Trotoara foundation and the project T.R.A.P.

Some of the high school students will join the event by making a flashmob by a specially created dance form.

On the stage we can see Roof Rhymez Studio, who incorporate such thought and messages in their music, and who are also people, never stopping to move, develop, inspire and burn and their flame spreads easily.

With them on the stage will perform one of the well-known Bulgarian hip-hop couple – Atila & DJ Akasha – Atila will be fascinating young hearts behind the mic and DJ Akasha will show the audience her quality selection of rap beats, creating art with her vinyls.

All students will have the opportunity to sign in for an open hip-hop and rap workshop, where they can find closely how the songs are being made, the lyrics have been written and the beats have been recorded.

We will also use the time to spread the word for our project –
T.R.A.P. – a place for inspiration and creativity!

You can check the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/138735510002372/

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