Rhymove! – a celebration with the youth of 97 High School, Atila & DJ Akasha, Roof Rhymez Studio and Lukan Chervenkov

The date 12.05 will be remembered forever as one of the most emotional days for Trotoara Foundation, after the concert in 97th High School proceeded with tons of happiness, smiles, fans and three incredible performances.

The first one which grabbed students’ interest was the crazy riding-a-bike-down-the-school-stairs, that Loukan Chervenkov, one of the best downhill bikers, made. His trace was marked with a red tape, but even behind it, the audience had the chance to watch closely his remarkable skills.

The second performance was the one of Hristo Hristov and Martin Savov from Roof Rhymez Studio, who shared their incredible energy in a performance, which will stay forever in the students’ hearts.

After them something exceptional happened when ATILA & DJ AKASHA stepped onto the stage and blew out all the concepts of how the rap and hip-hop should be made, captivating their audience for a long time.

During the concert there were a few performances of the students of 97th High School “Miladinovi Brothers”, who were consisting of juggling, unicycle riding, performing a song and a specially created flashmob dance by the theatre acting students and their leader – Kristiana Boyadzhieva.

The event ended up with a hip-hop workshop, which Roof Rhymez Studio and ATILA led together. It focused on how hip-hop beats and music are made, how to write lyrics, why the lyrics re important and what exactly is the whole point of rhyming – one alternative form of art, music and self expression. Over 50 young people between 12 and 18 years old took part in the workshop.

Trotoara Foundation thanks and appreciates the help of all the people, messed up in this amazing experience and is especially thankful for the support to: Affirmative Action, Kosta Atanasov, 97th High School “Miladinovi Brothers”, Stagemasters, Dimo P.I.F., Veloboost, Shushon, Daniela Stoeva, Nikolay Mutafchiev, Ivailo Andonov, Heltah Skeltah.

We want to thank Marian Velev and FotoAziTi for the photos from the event:

Rhymove! - един чудесен празник с младежите от 97 СОУ, Атила & DJ Akasha, Roof Rhymez Studio и Лукан Червенков

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