Interview with Kevin – participant in “Musicproject” from the hip-hop band “Black Benji” (Third part)

Kevin is one of the participants in “Save the children – Мusicproject”, developed by  Micke Svennerbrandt in cooperation with the sweden branch of the international foundation “Save the Children”.

The main idea of “Musicproject”, or also known as L3 method, is inspiring and educating, by developing one’s music talents. This way the kids are given an ambition to study and develop an interest in making actively music. The obligatory disciplines come in a package with the music – making course, so they cannot be missed. To be successful in the program the student has to approve good results not only in their musical activities, but also in the оbligatory disciplines: english, mathematics and swedish.

Kevin is young and talented man, who love making music and spreading it “message”. He entered in different times in the Micke’s Svennerbrandt school to improve his academic score, because is faced difficulties in the education system in Sweden. By his participation
in “Musicproject” he is motivated as well to learn to the obligatory objects, as to continue to do what he really love – the music.

With the next interview, that we made with Kevin of the sweden hip-hop band “Black Benji” you will learn more about his music life and the time, that he  spend in the Micke’s  Svennerbrandt school.

T: Tell us more about your young years and the times with Micke and your participation on the “Musicproject”. How it happened?
К: The school was always a hard time for me. All I wanted to do was playing guitar and make music. Then I started in Mickes school since my grades weren’t that good and my main interest was music. The difference between his school and other schools were that he encouraged us to do the thing we were good at instead of pushing us down because of our weaknesses.  If we turned in our basic school assignments, then we had the chance to play instruments and make music for the rest of the day and because of that I was more motivated to do my homework.

Т:  Did the music helped you with the other grades?
K: Yes it helped me a lot.

T: The other guys in the band were they also in the music program?
K: Yes, the drummer and one of the rappers was in the music program too but none of us went the same year.

T: Tell us about the beginning of your hip-hop band: how does it started, when and where?
K: I was at a breaking battle here in Malmoe and i listened close to the music that the dancers was breaking to and i knew some friends that would like that kind of music (hip-hop/funk with live band). I called some friends to the battle to hear their opinion on the music and they liked the idea. That day we decided a date for practice. This was 2 years ago now and a lot has happened since. now we are striving for gather all 4 elements in hip-hop culture to spread awareness and knowledge.

Т: Where did the name “Black Benji” comes from?
K:Black Benji was a gang leader of a gang called “The ghetto brothers” who lived in the South Bronx in New York . At first they had a dangerous reputation but black benji wanted to change all the negative to something positive instead, so he suggested that all the gangs in Bronx would make peace and lay their energy on uplifting the community instead of destroying it. Out of that the hip-hop culture was born and gangs started with battles within the hip-hop art forms as peaceful solutions to violence.

T: Why did you choose exactly hip-hop, not for example other kind of music?
K: I feel that hip-hop has a big impact on the youth today and if you have something important to say in your lyrics, maybe someone who would never even get that kind of info in their everyday life gets it now because they like the music. I feel that hip-hop is what you make it. If i want a funky beat i can do it to.

T: What message can you send to the young people, who are can’t achieve good academic score, but want to make music and this is their only purpose? Should they have to be part of that kind of music project related to Micke?
K: My message is, do what makes you happy, if you love what you do, the struggle can never be to hard. a school like mickes school i recommend anyone to go there! And for the youth that struggles in school, I want to say that if you don’t understand what they are teaching you, it’s not your fault, it is the teacher’s job to teach you so as long as you don’t get it, the teacher have not done his job and for teachers out there I would like to say, get to know your students individually. Know their skills and weaknesses to encourage them in a positive way, and listen to your students and trust them.

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