The L3 method (first part)

The L3 music program started in 1992 with the support of  Save the children – international association, which purpose is to give financial and moral help to projects and programmes for children at risk. The L3 program starts with the financial support from Save the Children Malmo. In 1995 the program was permanently integrated. L3 is a method of teaching with which students at risk (dropouts) have the chance to continue their education. The inspiration and idea for the L3 method came from Micke Svennerbrandt, who created the program as one of the main reasons for that, is the fact that by that time he was becoming a father. He wanted to help children who had bad experience in life, by teaching them with music and giving them the opportunity to finish their education.

What is L3?

The program is a one year individual course, a part of the high school educational system. It’s purpose is to help students, who have trouble with gaining knowledge in several obligatory disciplines. According to the swedish educational system, if after nine years of education, a student cannot pass his Swedish, Mathematics and English courses – he or she, cannot continue with upper education. The L3 program is an alternative for these kids.

The main idea of L3 is inspiring and educating, by developing one’s music talents. This way the kids are given an ambition to study and develop an interest in making music. The obligatory disciplines come in a package with the music – making course, so they cannot be missed. To be successful in the program the student has to approve his academical score. If that is the case every student, by the end of the program, is given the opportunity to record a CD with his or her’s personal music and lyrics. A team of educated professionals works with the kids – they do not only give them the needed knowledge, but also teach them how to be better and encourages them to achieve more.

Who is the creator of the program?

The creator of the program is Micke Svennerbrandt – a professional musician, a former national football player and hockey player, and a developer of methods for helping children at risk. With the support of the Save the children foundation he creates and develops new ways for work with children, who had suffered domestic violence, grew up in a bad social or personal environment, who have little opportunity for development in the standard educational system.

The 3 L’s

The meaning behind the three L’s are the words – LIFE, LUST, LEARNING. As Micke Svennerbrandt himself states – “These are the most important things in life. What is life if not these three words?”

Where is the method put to practice?

The method is generally developed and functions in Sweden, but the program had a success in Bulgaria for a certain period of time.

Developing the L3 program in Bulgaria

Rock academy – Dupnitsa starts its activity in 2006 with the project “Social inclusion through music” made by Bulgarian foundation with financial help by Save the children Malmo. The project was directed towards the prevention of avoiding drop-out of kids from school and the antisocial behavior of young people. The new innovative way is applied for youngsters with problematic behavior through development of musical abilities and stimulation for creating art. The project adapts the achievements of of the first of its kind Musical school for “difficult” children, supported by Save the children in Malmo, Sweden.

The idea of L3 is a success in Bulgaria, which proves that this method can be applied and serve its purpose even in future projects and programs. In the nowadays society there are kids and young people who have the need of support and the right directions, for them to develop courage and to be successful adults. The social environment, personal understanding, communication and proved methods can be applied in favor to these young people and society as a whole.

One of the initiatives of the Trotoara foundation is the development of the L3 method for helping kids and young people, who have specific needs of support and direction for future development. The Strive of The Trotoara foundation is to create a place in which these kids have the opportunity to develop their talents and to increase their academical score.

More information for the L3 method and for its creation and developing in Sweden, you can read in our next article – interview with Micke Svennerbrandt.

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