Inspiring Interview with Micke Svennerbrand: “Music making can unlock your hidden talents” (second part)

Micke Svennerbrandt – the creator of the L3 method is а musician in his soul, who educates children at risk. With the support of the “Save the children” foundation he develops for years new ways for work with children, who had suffered domestic violence, grew up in a bad social or personal environment. Unfortunately they don’t have opportunity for progress in the standard educational system. The main idea of the program is to “unlock” the hidden talents to the youths, using the music for an inspiration. The meaning behind the three L’s are the words – LIFE, LUST, LEARN.

We understood about the L3 method in year 2006 in Dupnitsa, where Micke started the program “Rock academy”, made by the еxample of the L3, adapted to the bulgarian students. The idea was successfully applied in Bulgaria.

The L3 program inspired the participants in “Trotoara” foundation, and became the main part of our work and way of thinking. Our strive is to build a place, in which these kids have the opportunity to develop their talents and also to increase their academical score.

In this interview with Micke Svennerbrand, you will understand more on his projects, his experience with “difficult” children, and his honest opinion about the school system in Sweden.

T : What inspires you?

M: I get inspired when I see young people with bad odds doing miracles. New ways of thinking and new ways of finding possibilities also make me inspired.

T: Could you give us an example of this ?

M: One of my students had been in compulsory school for 9 years but he didn’t have any grades in English. When he came to me and started to write songs with English lyrics he almost knocked me out!! His English was absolutely perfect!! He presented the best English lyrics that I had seen in 20 years!! This boy had autism. We prepared him for the annual national test. When you have autism you must make special preparations for making the concentration better. He got the best grade that you ever can get: A.

T: So you are saying that the music unlocked his hidden talents?

M: Yes, absolutely!!! That’s a perfect way of describing it. “Music making can unlock your hidden talents”.

T: Why so many people don’t pay attention at those “difficult” kids? What do you think?

M: Because the school system in Sweden is a business system based on “New Public Management” (google it). It’s quite expensive to work with these kids if you look at the budget for a year but in the long run it’s a win. These kids are balancing on a thin line between creativity and destruction. In Sweden we only invest in dead things like houses, bridges, roads etc but we HAVE to invest in people too. Otherwise our society will collapse.

T: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your work?

M: To fight against the system and narrow minded people in power. Many people in power think it’s not worth working with these kids. I see myself as a “father” to my students and when someone say bad things about my “children” I get furious!!! I have been treated very, very badly by the school system. Just like the kids. The school system in Sweden is very bad. They don’t realize that we must invest in these kids otherwise it will cost us a LOT in the future.

T: How can you change all these thing? Is there any possible way to help this children?

M: Revolution… Maybe…

T: We understood that you are writing a book at the moment, tell us more about it.

M: The new book will primarily be about the way you meet kids who are different. What’s needed for the teachers to reach these kids. The book is written for people who are working with this target group.

T: When you will publish the book?

M: That’s a good question… All the material is ready for the book. But we have been waiting and waiting to find a new head for L3. Because we want the heads point of view in the book. If we find a head the book will be published in August/September. If we don’t find a head the book will be published in March so we can use the book for attracting a new head.

T: Do you have any other projects apart from this book related with L3?

M: Yes. There are two documentary films waiting in the “pipe line”. The first documentary will be about starting up with the new head and also about the research on the L3 method by a world famous professor (Roger Saljö). The purpose and the goal for the research is to promote the L3 method to L3 pedagogy. Then we will have the first pedagogy ever for youth at risk in Sweden. The second film will be about our history from 1992 until today.

T: Which is the meeting (or the man) that affected the most your life?

M: I think it is the big boss of Save the Children Region South in Malmö, Mikael Sandgren. He!!! He always find solutions and possibilities. He is a big L3 supporter. He must be related to Harry Potter!!! Without him L3 would be dead!! But we also have supporters from all over Sweden.

T: Could you “send” a spiritual message to the youths in Bulgaria, who want to develop their talents, but the don’t have opportunity?

M: My message: If you believe in something don’t give up. With determination, ambition and transpiration you will make your dreams come true.

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