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Jo Vasilev

This is an interview with Zho Vasilev – one of the responsibles for T.R.A.P.“Trotoara” foundation’s new project. What is his role in the project, why do we need such a place and can it help for building a career – see now!

Jo Vasilev

T.R.A.P. is the place where development never stops. The two-way road of energy exchange between youth and mentors. A runaway not from yourself but to yourself thanks to the freedom of being who you are. Because there art will be created, people will dance and wherever there is freedom – there is art!

Learn more about this initiative and its progress from Zho Vasilev (Khanъ, Dash The Effort), one of the people involved in T.R.A.P. who has a major part in it.

Hi, Zho! Time has passed since our last interview. How are you today?

Zho: Hi!

I feel great, the day is sunny and I am filled with positive energy to start my week!

This time the reason for our interview is different but very interesting and exciting! What is T.R.A.P.?

Zho: T.R.A.P. (Trotoara room for angry people) is my friend’s – Deyan Yankov – idea. It will be an art center for young people where they will be able to develop their talents and will receive inspiration and confidence to share them with the world.

What’s your main goal and idea, what inspired you to start this project?

Zho: As Dido himself says “Young people are the most long-term investment”. The inspiration for this initiative comes from the fact that all of us are people engaged with art. Musicians, artists, dancers, etc. There are many successful projects with the same idea worldwide such as Rock Academy in Dupnitza. (Created by the Swedish affiliate of Save the Children).

The main goal of T.R.A.P. is to gather young people in a society where through the process of art they will create their own values and will help each other grow.

What’s your role in T.R.A.P. and who are the others involved? Tell us more about what you have been doing from the beginning till now.

Zho: You can see a small part of the people involved in the promotional T.R.A.P. video in “Trotoara” Foundation’s YouTube channel. They are just a small part of the team who will work to achieve T.R.A.P.’s goals. My part, as a music fan and a person who is engaged with music, will be related mainly to this part of the project. As a whole, my role is to spread the idea of the initiative and to share it with as many people as possible. Just as we are doing now.

You know how to get involved in new projects but why did you choose this one, what attracted you?

Zho: T.R.A.P. got my attention because I love being a part of new initiatives and projects when they are meaningful and when they have the power to inspire and develop not only me but people around me as well.

What I like about T.R.A.P. is the multifunctionality this place will have. There each and every talent will be recognized and welcomed.

What do you need to convince people that an idea such as this is worthy?

Zho: Drive, mainly. And persistence.

Nowadays, people are focused only on their own goals and it is really hard to convince someone that your goal is actually directed towards him and the people around him.

When you start something so big what should you remind yourself? Tell us more about the process and when will the place be officially open?

Zho: The most important thing you have to remember is to never give up no matter how hard things may seem. Because nothing big that is of high quality comes easily and quickly.

Persistence is the key to creating something meaningful and everlasting.

There is a lot of time and obstacles before the official opening of T.R.A.P. We have a place, we have made the action plan and we are now at the stage of gathering money. This is the most challenging thing because we all know how are projects like this are accepted in Bulgaria. But this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Just the opposite.

What will be the main activities? Is there already interest in the halls?

Zho: The activities we have chosen are mainly in four fields:

Art – music, dancing, drawing, acting;

Workshops and crafting – creation of works with one’s own skills , bicycle repairing;

Ecology, caring for nature – environmentally friendly lifestyle, outside activities, cleaning in the city and in the nature, awareness campaigns, cycling encouraging;

Meetings and communication – presentations, trainings, seminars, screenings, organizing events, concerts, exhibitions, performances and other activities, in which young people will actively participate.

All of these will be free for young people. There is interest in the halls and in the project as a whole. We get a lot of attention but this doesn’t stop us from searching for new places and ways of making even more contacts.

As a young and pretty active person what do you want to change and what will keep you in our country?

Zho: I can demand for a lot of things to be changed but this is not going to make any difference. What I know for sure is that we are holding our destiny in our hands and if we want Bulgaria to be a desired place to live in, it is up to us to make it such a place.

Is it difficult to build your career here? Do you think artists need this special place so they can find themselves?

Jo V

Zho: It is very hard. It’s not a secret to all of the artists in Bulgaria that the market is very small, but the fans are extremely dedicated and supportive. When you start working you need help to make society familiar with your art. T.R.A.P. gives young people the self-confidence they need so they can build their own career.

If T.R.A.P. existed when you were a teenager, do you think that this would have helped you grow faster, or do you prefer the more difficult path and do you always choose to do things on your own?

Zho: It would have definitely helped me.

When I started with music there was no one I could count on and who could help me grow. All my projects have started from a zero and have been developed by the members in my bands (except for one of my bands which I joined later).

I have never had the option to choose between the difficult or the easy path because there is no such. There is a difficult path and a difficult path you can walk through with the help of the people you are working with.

What T.R.A.P. is offering, is an alternative thanks to which the difficult path can become easier and shared.

And finally, what is your advice for young people who are searching their place in the world?

Zho: I can advise all who are searching to continue doing it. Good things don’t come easy. Finding yourself and your place is very hard and our search doesn’t stop during all our lives.

The purpose of our life is finding the purpose. To find ourselves in an idea.

We should never give up searching for our place. Because it’s searching for us at the same time.

Thanks a lot , Zho! It’s always a pleasure to interview you and to follow the interesting projects you are a part of! Good luck with T.R.A.P.

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