Khanъ – the young guardians of the Bulgarian

When you choose to move instead to standstill. When you choose to be instead to just exist.

We present you one young Bulgarian band. With the Bulgarian name Khan. People who are trying to go beyond, alert and purposeful. With one of the most important message to the young people nowadays:

Wake up!

This short movie, story, path, traces a part of their summer concerts, which burned all young hearts with their music and soul, came to the mountains, sea and plane, and went back to the heart of Sofia. This is Khan band, the Sofia’s “folkcore” crew as they call themselves. Many of you have heard for them but those who are not, have this opportunity today.

Like every path, their is not easy, too. They were formed back in 2009 and their staff has undergo many changes. What has not changed, though, is their music and especially the spirit behind them.

The current staff of heroes has collected on a later stage of band’s development but they are the people that managed to lift it up, who created and presented their first long-play album “Znamenie (Omen)” as a continuation of  their first EP “Pravda (Truth)” Afterwards the band has become a symbol of Bulgarian for the youth and they became their “Guardians of the Bulgarian in the new times”. They are the epitome of young people, young spirit, continuous work and the love they use to do everything. They became the inspiration, spread their EMBERS.

We show you their ideas, inspiration and message because they deserve to be heard and to continue to be distributed among all of us that need to stand up / wake up and believe in what we are.

Because they do not sing complex texts but songs related to the lifestyle, daily routine, problems, all this stuff that we experienced and pass through every day. Because they sing for the Earth, for our country, for love, for hope without we cannot live, sing for me and for you. They sing for that if you believe strongly in yourself and you know which is your path, there is nobody that might you stop. You have only one path. The way they showed their path and walked up to the trail of their feelings and emotions. Because the sky is the limit here but after it, comes another and next.

Follow your emotions, be brave and honest to yourself. Share each other what you want to be and you will do it because everything you imagine could be a reality. Because it is not only important to stay here but it is important to fight for your cause, do not fall behind, to go forwards and to develop yourself.

Khanъ are:
Simo (lead and rhythm guitars)
Mitko (lead and rhythm guitars)
Jo (vocals)
Zdravko (tambura)
Yavor (bass guitar)
Kamen (bagpipe)
Marto (vocals)
Ivo (drums)

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Written by: Iva Viktorova

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