Workshop for Inspiration – Episode 8 – Final Episode

The time has come to show you the last episode of our journey trough the inspiration. We already showed you 7 different stories, each one of them different and in the same time related to the others. All of the young people we told you about are full of will to develop, to help the others. To share their ambition, spirituality, abilities and smile with the people around them. They showed us how the inspiration is everywhere, but mostly in themselves. They are searching for it, use it, change it, and give it to the others. Let us together feel their young power, and spread it as much as possible.

In the last episode 8 you will see Mario Georgiev and his story “One more moment on the curb”. He is 23 years old, his passions are music and writing. Mario is one of the volunteers in Trotoara Foundation, and with his energy, brain and abilities, is one of the main participants and reasons for this project to become reality.

Music used in the video: Duo Campanella – Dancing Mandolines and Sombrero s – Logodi Street

Broadcast videos:
Presentation of the project – 11.05.2015 – Pilot episode
Iliya Lazarov – 11.05.2015 – Episode 1
Daniela Todorova – 14.05.2015 – Episode 2
Andrey Mihov – 18.05.2015 – Episode 3
Dimitrina Foteva – 21.05.2015 – Episode 4
Seraphim Mitkov – 28.05.2015 – Episode 5
Pencho Beykov – 03.06.2015 – Episode 6
Boyan Bahrin – 13.07.2015 – Episode 7
Mario Georgiev – 17.07.2015 – Episode 8

Producer: “Trotoara” Foundation
Author: Deyan Yankov
Operator: Ivan Abadjiev
Photographers: Blagoy Anev and Aneliya Moravska
Sound: Ana Kaneva
Place: Underground gallery/studio

Participants in the “Workshop for inspiration”:
Iliya Lazarov
Daniela Todorova
Andrey Mihov
Dimitrina Foteva
Seraphim Mitkov
Pencho Beykov
Boyan Bahrin
Mario Georgiev

Special thanks to Rosen Savkov and the entire team of Underground gallery/studio!

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