Workshop for Inspiration – Pilot Episode

Dear friends, on the behalf of Trotoara Foundation, we have the pleasure to announce our new project called “Workshop for inspiration” which is accomplished in cooperation with Radda Barnen – Save the Children Sweden.

“Workshop for inspiration” is a project, which idea comes from the method of Digital storytelling. It illustrates how a particular person retells a story as well as presents it in a certain way through the powerful effect of digital content formed as a short video.

The project has already started with two days of workshop on 25th and 26th of April 2015, during which the participants met and got to know each other. The purpose was to give them an opportunity to communicate freely so that their common ambitions, dreams and inspirations could be presented. Every one of them revealed what they are dealing with, where their inspirations come from and how they managed to reach this stage of their lives.

The next step of the project consists of creating short videos through the Digital Storytelling method for every participant showing their own stories. Really essential part of the project itself is publishing the material on the Internet as well as their spreading and in this way popularizing them. Our goal is these personal stories to reach as many as possible members of the public so that people could be touched by the participant’s energy, ambitions and dreams. Our long-term aim is though the project to inspire the public and be part of the process of finding different new forms of art.

The last part of the project which will serve as an efficient feedback from the general public would be accomplished by presenting and projecting the created materials on a special organized small festival during which you would have the chance to meet the participants from the “ Workshop for Inspiration”. An opportunity to talk to them would be also provided so that you would gain your own inspiration from their experience—which is our mission.

Broadcast videos:
Presentation of the project – 11.05.2015 – Pilot episode
Iliya Lazarov – 11.05.2015 – Episode 1
Daniela Todorova – 14.05.2015 – Episode 2
Andrey Mihov – 18.05.2015 – Episode 3
Dimitrina Foteva – 21.05.2015 – Episode 4
Seraphim Mitkov – 28.05.2015 – Episode 5
Pencho Beykov – 03.06.2015 – Episode 6
Boyan Bahrin – 13.07.2015 – Episode 7
Mario Georgiev – 17.07.2015 – Episode 8

Participants in the “Workshop for inspiration”:
Iliya Lazarov
Daniela Todorova
Andrey Mihov
Dimitrina Foteva
Seraphim Mitkov
Pencho Beykov
Boyan Bahrin
Mario Georgiev
Producer: Trotoara Foundation
Author: Deyan Yankov
Operator: Ivan Abadjiev
Photographers: Bobo Anev and Aneliya Moravska
Sound: Ana Kaneva
Place: Underground gallery/studio
Special thanks to Rosen Savkov and the entire team of Underground gallery/studio!

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