In the last commentary about TRAP fest 2018, we want to share with you what happened on of the most important locations of the festival- the main stage.

During both days, from the early hours of the day to the very end, there were many performers, inspirers, artists and people who left something behind in all of us.

If, despite your desire to do so, you weren’t able to get involved in all the activities there – you have no choice but to trust this article and my statement that the main stage was the icing on the cake! In spite of the different characters of the hundreds of visitors, the main stage managed to gather them around a common goal – inspiration!



The program started with an interesting discussion on YouTube and Article 13 by Yotover, Rumbata, Коби (WarkulakaBg), Villy Fullbaster and Iskren. For those unfamiliar with Article 13 and the new rules and regulations on YouTube, you can read in this article:


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Stand-up comedy and theater

The program continued with some stand-up comedy and Alexander Marinkov from the Magically-Comical Show of Yuri and Alex. For 45 minutes the humor was top notch, and the stools set in front of the stage were all taken.

On Saturday, the theater group “Talasamcheta” from the 5th grade of the 17th “Damian Gruev” highschool was also on stage. The pupils presented the play “The Lead Soldier” and charged us with lots of emotions.


During the parties that Trotoara organized throughout the whole year at Club Mixtape, K-POP fans found their place for two full hours. In addition to the free dancing time, which brought together a lot of fans, ReWow, NOX, Wings, Meow and Moonlight were also part of the program.

There was a short break afterwards, and then it was time for the main program.

Our friends from I I CAN TOO opened the program, speaking about the cause they’re devoted to and their
work with young people with special needs.

All of us at Trotoara fully support what I CAN TOO have been doing for children for more than 10 years.
Show them your support, too!

And so, the concert part of the event began!

Just like last year, the program started with an amazing performance by Anton Hassan with unicycle (there was unicycle on the second day, too) and juggling with skittles. He definitely caught everyone’s attention while spinning on a LED poi in the dark.

And so comes the time for music!

Rumi from SMG won our hearts for the second time by prepping the stage for the famous performers from Monte Musik – Rafael, Iskrata and Denitsa Karaslavova. The professionals showed us that music can help us develop and won a lot of new fans.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, Spalni mesta couldn’t take part in the rock part of the festival, but on the other hand, 58 degrees and Zagubena Destinacia successfully warmed the fans up for the highlight of the first night – D2!

Amazing and incredibly positive – that’s how we’ll remember D2’s performance at TRAP Fest 2018 – it was a wonderful, inspirational ending of the main stage performances of day 1.


Short films

Gaming, dances, music, recycling of old computers, robotics, board games … And since we felt that wasn’t enough – why not add short films to it all!

Кинематограф.бг (check out their website – it’s definitely worth it!) had picked some really cool and interesting films, and were simultaneously telling us all about the making of the films. They inspired many of the youngsters and made them think – can I, too, create a short film? And some of them were left breathless!

Time for science

With the main organizers being from SMG and NPMG, there was no way of leaving out a truly scientific part – presented by Nasko Stamenov – Naka – a chemist from the team of Корпус за бързо гърмене (Corpus for intense blasting). With some spectacular experiments, Naka demonstrated a fun side of chemistry and captured the interest of the students.


After a loud round of applause for Naka, the stage was once again left at the hands of Stephen, Shuki and Matthew – the best dubstep DJs you can find in the country!

A special multimedia show and 2 hours of the coolest dubstep – after the cool Mixtape parties (which you could not have missed) the cool energy was back!

Sofia Unicycle Club

For a different and unusual kick, shortly before the big concert, another incredibly inspired participant in our adventure, Galina from Софийския клуб по юнисайкъл made a demonstration and a workshop for everyone interested in getting on a unicycle!

The Grand Finale

At 18.30, the final concert began. The opening was exploding – there were folklore dance by Stefanova’s Children (NPMG) and the Celtic Phoenix Irish dance club. Raya Pencheva, Slavyana and Zary and Bobby continued impressing the audience with their wonderful voices.

The program went on with dancing! BANG BANG & BANGERS, VS Dance and SoulmateZ showed their dancing skills with a hip-hop choreography, preparing us for the big final.

Time for Hip-Hop and Rap!

The amazing MD Beddah and Gerata opened the final part. At the last moment, our favorite Secta appeared on stage and made the audience’s mood skyrocket.
And as for the grand finale – the incredible Жлъч, Gena, Grigorov and Trasher blew everyone away, just like they did at TRAP fest 2017.

And still- Our main stage was not so special just because of the performances of our favorite artists but because of the energy of our entire team of young organizers who were responsible for the great emotions under the spotlight.

TRAP fest 2018 – one real adventure!

No, the main stage was not just events. The main stage was energy, a difficult-to-keep-up-with schedule, stress, but also – the biggest smiles. Even the professionals from Pro-Tech, who made sure everything was at high-quality level, left great feedback about our main organizers – Iva, Maria and Ivet. And let’s not forget the best host – Matthew!

“Everything you look at can become a fairy tale, and everything you touch can become a story”

And when we do it together, words can hardly describe it! You were all magnificent, great, incredible and inspired! Love, devotion, hundreds of hearts beating together, turned the last three days into an adventure that will never be forgotten! Until next time, friends!

Enjoy this small photo gallery, and be sure that next year you’ll feel this magic again and on an even bigger scale!

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