A new project of Trotoara is Imagien digital – free of charge educational program for digital design and Adobe Photoshop, targeted at school students, financed by our great partners from HP Inc. The course will be held both on place and online, with additional digital materials will be created.


Since the beginning of Trotoara, we are conducting different activities, which are targeted to the young people, we create environment, support them and walk together with them in their chosen direction. Important is for them to be heard! Thanks to HP Inc.!

Important dates 

Application start date: 10 November 2021

Application end date: 25 November 2021

Announce the selected candidates: 27 November 2021

Start of the course: 1 December 2021

What motivates us

In the modern times the digital design is a big part of the everyday routine of a person or organization. The skill to edit your photos, create ad images, info graphics, even “memes” is a big plus for every teenager, and with the advancement of the digital world woon will be a neccesary for every one of us.

The school education does not provide enough materials and knowledge, especially free of charge ones in Bulgarian language. 

With this project Trotoara targets those who cannot afford.

Project goals

Teach a given number of students to work with Adobe Photoshop and introduce them to the digital design world – free of charge.

Results we want to achieve


Increased knowledge and skills in the digital design


Good spent time of the students


Free of charge educational videos


Possibility to practice the learned skills as a volunteer in Trotoara

Program and format

The course will cover the basics and additional specifics. We will go trough the most used tools, different approaches and how to handle concrete tasks.

The course will be held within 6 weeks (12 lessons in total), as per week there will be 2 exercises by 90 minutes. The course will be held at TRAP PC room including 5 studnets on place and 5 students online.

The program:
1. Photoshop basics, file formats, get to know the students and their interests.
2. Main tools and components of the software.
3. Tools – cover all options.
4. Layers
5. Additional functions 1 – free transform, filters, etc.
6. Additional functions 2 – color corrections, contrast, etc.
7. Work with text.
8. Draw with Photoshop.
9. Design with Photoshop.
10. Tips & Tricks.
11. Practical assignements.
12. Practical assignements.

The teacher

Kristian Andreev will be our main teacher. He graduates at the National academy of arts with Illustration, after that studies Scenografy and Directing. More than 10 years he works as an illustrator and 2D animator, coveret almost all visual arts.

At the moment he works as a game designer in a video games company.

“As we will cover most of the technical part of the software, I will cover my focus mostly on involving the students and ther motivation, including the fact that Photoshop, together as other programs, is just a tool in the hands of the artist. We should not be its slaves and be afraid of its complexity. There is no proffesional who knows the programs 100% – more important is to know the basics and how the software works, as the rest can easily be checked, asked or tested. And the other side of the picture – we should not expect the software to do our job. It is important to understand, that if you want to work professionaly with the program which you are using, the skills and knowledge you have for it are the least you must build. And finally, the course should be interesting even for non-proffesionals, who do not want to use Photoshop for work and making money. The course is free of charge and the seats are limited – please apply only if you are really dedicated and have the time and the motivation. Good luck!” – this is what the teacher says to the future students.


Our biggest requirements are basic computer skills, strong motivation and time availability. The participants should be school or university students.

Application form: https://forms.gle/aPcghmXfq2qNYXmx7

Our partners

Huge thanks to HP Inc., who stand behind us for multiple times and trust in us, and thanks for the given grant to conduct Imagine Digital! Thank you!

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